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Access to clean water, for everyone that needs it

Access to clean water is a game-changer. The overall health benefits are obvious, but the ripple effect that happens when clean water is introduced into a community is profound, and often overlooked. Sure, the risk of waterborne illnesses such as, Cholera, Salmonella, Giardia, E. Coli, and Typhoid, is mitigated–but it also positively affects many other aspects of life.

Less money spent on medicine and clinic visits, plus less time staying home being sick, less time collecting water or the wood to boil that water, means a significant change to the socioeconomics of a community. Less sick days for children means a higher attendance in school, changing the outcome of their overall education. The list goes on: infant care, feminine hygiene, women empowerment. All of these reasons are a driving force for us, but it is the fundamental belief that everyone deserves access to clean water, as a basic human right, that drives us everyday.

Day in and day out we channel that drive as we work on the front lines providing access to clean water through the implementation of portable water filtration systems, the digging and renovating of bore-hole wells, and the construction of rainwater harvesting/storing systems (in places where groundwater is not accessible).

Our Story

Impact felt on a global level

In 2009, professional surfer, Jon Rose, believed there could be a more meaningful way to participate in the world - a way to do what he loved, while helping people along the way. That inspired him to create, Waves For Water (W4W), a targeted, special-ops style, non-profit organization where we focus on correcting the imbalances of water scarcity, in developing communities around the world.

At the center of our efforts is empowerment. Supported by the belief in developing and empowering local networks, we always implement our programs through the local teams of volunteers and community leaders, that we cultivate in the beginning stages of any program. This process enables us to connect with a community on a deeper level, by establishing trust and rapport, over time – which, ultimately, ensures the highest potential for a truly sustainable program.

Over the past ten years we have implemented 155 clean water programs, in 48 countries–using water filtration systems (150,000), bore-hole wells, and rainwater harvesting systems; impacting an estimated 3,750,000 people. In addition to our primary focus around providing clean water, we also coordinate and execute natural disaster relief efforts around the world. We have responded to 33 major natural disasters, to date–including initiatives in Nepal, Bosnia, Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, Japan, Chile, and Pakistan.


As a pro surfer for 13 years, Jon Rose traveled the world in pursuit of perfect waves—one of his favorite places to explore, was Sumatra. It was in that Indonesian region that W4W would be born.


33 Disasters Responded Globally

24 Active Programs

48 Countries

3,750,000 People Impacted


Guerilla Humanitarianism

Guerrilla Humanitarianism is about taking a no-nonsense, stripped down approach towards solving a global issue — taking matters into your own hands, bringing a solution directly to the problem, under the radar, around the red tape. Encouraged by the proven efficiency of this model, Waves For Water is able to focus on changing the global water crisis statistics, while avoiding the bureaucratic gridlock that many traditional organizations get caught in.

Help The Helpers

Waves For Water builds its local networks by seeking out and empowering individuals who choose to step up and take leadership roles in their respective communities. This process enables us to truly connect with a community, establish a sense of trust and rapport, and provide a high level of individual attention and personal care to each and every one of our projects. It’s our belief that collectively we have the ability to stand as one, and solve almost any problem.

A Bigger Good


Our program consists of three major solutions: rainwater-harvesting systems, construction/restoration of bore-hole wells, and implementation of portable water filtration systems.

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Board Members

Guga Ketzer
Zeb Stewart
Jordan Tappis
Carey Kolaja
  • Guga Ketzer
  • Zeb Stewart
  • Jordan Tappis
  • Carey Kolaja