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    Super Typhoon Odette (International Name: Rai) entered the Philippine zone of responsibility on December 14 over Eastern Visayas. It made its first landfall in Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte on December 16 (1:30 PHT) with maximum sustained winds of 195 km/h near the center. In the day before landfall, Rai rapidly strengthened from a Category 1 to a Category 5-equivalent storm.

    We have a permanent team in Philippines and they are currently responding and deploying water filtration systems as swift as possible.

    Source: Washington Post

    For detailed filter locations that are currently operating, visit bit.ly/w4wph-odettefiltermap

    Siargao Location GMap.001

    For the latest updates, visit the W4W Philippines Instagram account

    Program Updates

    7 February 2022

    And the work continues! We are happy to report that we've just hit our 4,000+ filter milestone -- all made possible by each and every one of you. Our donation channels remain open as we continue to roll out our recovery efforts in the succeeding months.

    2:7 Website Update.001

    26 January 2022

    An additional 93 water filters are also en route to Bohol, Southern Leyte, and Cebu — thanks to our friends from Cebu Pacific Air! See updates from the ground in Bohol, Cebu, Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental below.

    1:26 Update (Website).001

    21 January 2022

    Thanks to your generosity, we’ve reached a deployment total of 3,819 filters across 12 provinces. Shoutout to our awesome network of clean water couriers who have been so instrumental in getting these clean water systems to hard-to-reach communities!

    1:21 Update (Website).001

    19 January 2022

    An additional 129 more filters are now en route. Special thanks to our friends from Cebu Pacific Air for flying life-saving cargo! Watch out for the following updates as we transition into solutions that support recovery and rebuilding efforts.

    1:19 Update (Website).001

    17 January 2022

    Today marks exactly one month from when we deployed the first 100 filtration systems to Siargao for our #OdettePH response. Since then, we have now been able to deploy 3,348 filters across 12 provinces. See our response in numbers below!

    As part of our rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts, our long-term plans include installing more communal water depots and rainwater catchment systems, toilet construction, providing hygiene kits and strengthen our IEC campaigns for communities to better understand the importance of WASH practices.

    1:18 Update (Website).001

    14 January 2022

    In less than a week, we have able to deploy an additional 1,046 clean water systems - hitting another milestone of 3,000+ filters today!

    This was made possible through all your generous support, and the collaborative effort of various individuals, companies, and organizations.

    1:14 Update (Website).001

    11 January 2022

    We hit our 2,000+ filter milestone today!

    As of January 11, we have now been able to deploy 2,102 water filtration systems benefiting over 100,000 individuals across 12 provinces affected by #OdettePH. Thank you for your continuous support!

    1:11 Update - Website.001

    10 January 2022

    As of today, we have now deployed a total of 1,857 clean water systems across the 12 provinces. With the help of our hard working water couriers on the ground, clean water access is now also available in indigenous communities affected by Super Typhoon Odette in Palawan.

    Rev Website Photos 17:110.002

    7 January 2022

    We are ending the first week of 2022 with our deployment of 1,777 clean water systems across 12 provinces. Thanks to your support and all our clean water couriers, we are now also serving Siquijor and Cagayan de Oro.

    Rev Website Photos 17:110.001

    5 January 2022

    As of today, the team has been able to send out an additional 127 filters — raising our total to 1,326 across 10 provinces deployed. We'd like to thank everyone for the continuous support, as well as to our clean water couriers on the ground working hard to get safe water access in remote communities of the affected areas.

    Rev Website Photos.001

    4 January 2022

    Huge thanks to the amazing W4W team and volunteers (and with all your support), we deployed 300 more clean water systems today. As of January 4, we’ve now deployed 1,294 potable water kits that are now serving as many as 64,700 people across 10 locations.

    Jan 3 - 4 Photos.002

    3 January 2022

    Our clean water couriers have worked tirelessly to bring filters in more affected and hard to reach areas through the holidays. We have been able to procure water pump gensets bound for Palawan and Corregidor. Our new filter shipment has also arrived from the US, allowing the W4W team to continue responding to Super Typhoon Odette (Rai).

    Jan 3 - 4 Photos.001

    27 December 2021

    Thanks to our clean water couriers and logistics partners, 20 more have been sent to Siargao Island from Legaspi City — raising our total to 994 filters deployed. Continuous preparations are underway for the second wave of our response which includes the deployment of more communal depots that will complement recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

    12:27 Website Photo.001

    24 December 2021

    In a span of 7 days, we’ve been able to deploy a total of 974 filters across 10 provinces affected by Super Typhoon Odette. This is only the first wave of our immediate response. We will continue to deploy clean water solutions as part of our long term rebuilding and recovery efforts to provide crucial access to WASH services.

    We would again like to thank everyone who donated and continue to support our efforts in providing clean water access to all.

    12 23 Update 4.003

    22 December 2021

    The W4W team have deployed an additional 128 filters and have expanded our response to Surigao del Norte and Negros Occidental in the last 24 hours. Thanks to our couriers on the ground, the filters are now being used as communal potable water stations to give clean water access to more people.

    Website Photo - Dec 22 Update.001

    21 December 2021

    Implementation of the initial batch of clean water systems are ongoing in various affected areas in Cebu and Bohol. With the generous support of various individuals and organizations, we have now been able to deploy 694 life-saving systems as communal potable water stations. More are also ready for deployment to other affected areas in the next couple of days.

    cebu bohol updates.001

    20 December 2021

    As of today, we’ve now deployed 577 filters and more are also ready for deployment to the Dinagat Islands and Southern Leyte in the next couple of days. We have also received updated photos of our systems serving as potable water depots from our teams on the ground in Cebu and Siargao.

    Rev Website Photos.004

    19 December 2021

    We have deployed an additional 79 filters made possible by your support and through our various logistic partners, including our water couriers on the ground in Bohol, Cebu, Dumaguete, Negros Occidental, Palawan and Siargao. We are also continuously working with various organizations to get them on the group as soon as possible.

    Rev Website Photos.003

    18 December 2021

    As reports of the extensive damage continue to come in, clean water both for drinking and domestic use remains to be a top priority as many remain displaced in evacuation centers. In the last 24 hours, our team has deployed an initial 289 water filters to Siargao, Bohol, Cebu and Dumaguete. We are currently expanding our response in other affected areas.

    Rev Website Photos.002

    17 December 2021

    Under the extreme conditions, scattered to widespread flooding and rain-induced landslides are to be expected. With water supply systems damaged or flooded, access to clean water becomes an immediate need. We are in close contact with organizations on the ground and preparing to mobilize as soon as possible.

    Odette continues to traverse the Sulu sea while moving westward towards Palawan producing heavy and torrential rains across the typhoon’s path. Our Philippines team is in touch with local networks and is now mobilizing efforts to strengthen its response in Siargao and other provinces in the typhoon's path.

    Rev Website Photos.001

    16 December 2021

    Super typhoon “Odette” made landfall over Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte. Other areas across Visayas and Mindanao where TCWS No. 4 is in effect are the Dinagat Islands in the Caraga Region, Bucas Grande Islands, Southern Leyte, Bohol, and the central and southern portions of Cebu.

    Main Photo Source: Danaj Segovia II


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