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TUMI Art Gallery: Freedom Contest

Southeast Asia

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    Tumi GmBH is the organizer of this contest. By donating and answering the above questions, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

    Eleven world-known street artists, led by JonOne - the American graffiti pioneer, have created 26 unique art pieces to raise funds supporting Waves For Water's upcoming programs.

    This exclusive 19 Degree collection has been inspired by the topic Freedom - the freedom to express yourself, to stay active no matter the circumstances, to dream in colors and put dreams into reality; the freedom to travel less physically but mentally from home, to discover new local destinations and help local communities to stay safe. There are no boundaries for doing good.

    To participate in the contest and get the chance to win one of the 19 Degree personalized cases, art lovers and loyal customers are invited to donate 50 Euros (or 60 USD) to purchase a filter and cover its implementation costs, and answer two questions, to support upcoming Waves for Water implementations in the region of Southeast Asia.

    Starting from 15th November until Christmas - 26th December, when the winners will be selected, the collection will be exhibited in the TUMI digital Art Gallery on TUMI.com, showing all master pieces’ details and their creators’ stories.


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    The funds raised through this program will go directly towards the implementation of water filtration systems.

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