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    W4W Community,

    Since we last spoke suffice it to say a lot has changed and we are all facing new realities.

    What hasn't is our commitment to communities. Waves For Water has a long-standing history of helping the helpers and itself was born out of a natural disaster relief effort. To date, we’ve successfully responded to over 33 natural disasters, globally.

    Now faced with a new type of catastrophe: Covid-19, unique in that it is not limited to a particular town, city, state, or even country.

    We are pulling from our crisis/disaster management experience to expand our scope and leverage the W4W community to ACT.

    In the initial phases of any disaster response most organizations, regardless of their normal scope of work, diversify to play their part in the “all-hands-on-deck” required.

    It’s an approach that we applied when Hurricane Sandy hit the North Eastern Seaboard, in the Fall of 2012, when our founder Jon Rose felt compelled to mobilize both W4W and all that he had learned as first responder in other disaster relief efforts.

    At the time, launching a full-scale response of its kind was a bold decision for the organization and yet it is one of the most successful initiatives we’ve had to date. When it was all said and done, our W4W Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative:

    • rebuilt over 150 structures (homes, small businesses, firehouses, and schools)
    • mobilized 33k volunteers for debris and rubble removal
    • distributed $3.3 million in essential supplies
    • served 60k hot meals
    • provided $1.1 million in monetary support (through Uplift grants and home renovations), among other things.

    With our Covid-19 Help the Helpers campaign we see the same need to apply our skills and capabilities as a humanitarian aid organization. Since many of our programs have been halted due to International travel bans this is precisely where we are needed and able to serve at this time.

    Given the high risks associated with any type of response related to Covid-19, we have decided to be last mile implementers focused on one primary need, for one specific group of people: first responders.

    #W4WHELPTHEHELPERS will provide safe, energy and nutrition rich meal packs, for medical workers, fire departments, and police precincts.

    We have already established local teams to execute our phase 1 ops plan in communities, across 4 states: NY, NJ, ID and CA. We will serve the needs of the communities that we already have direct lines into and depending upon the additional support that comes in, we will expand our scope to other communities.


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    The funds raised through this program will provide safe, energy and nutrition rich meal packs, for medical workers, fire departments, and police precincts.

    In addition, you can create a personal fundraiser page. 100% of the funds raised through your fundraiser will go towards the specific Waves For Water program that you select when creating your fundraiser.

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