100K World Water Day

Project Overview

To correspond with World Water Day of 2014, Waves For Water with support from Hurley H2O will be coordinating one of the the largest single day water relief efforts in history. Six groups of trained professionals will lead “Clean Water Courier” missions to six different parts of the globe: Haiti, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Liberia and Nicaragua. Approximately 1,000 water filters will be installed on one day on March 22, 2014 with capacity to help provide access to clean water for 100,000 people.

100K World Water Day is set to launch on January 1, 2014, supported by ongoing fundraising until the goal is reached on World Water Day, March 22, 2014.

The concept of World Water Day was born at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development,and was first officially celebrated in 1993 as a means of bringing attention to the importance of fresh, clean water, as well as serving as an advocacy platform for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Twenty years later, Waves For Water and Hurley H2O plan to bring even more global attention to World Water Day. “Our goal with this initiative is to create a measurable, large-scale action, on a day when the entire world has its eyes and focus on water. We hope that our pledge to provide access to clean water for 100,000 people on this one day will help trigger the masses into taking similar action throughout the following years,” said Waves For Water Founder Jon Rose.

“World Water Day is already happening, all we are doing is coordinating efforts to raise the stakes and maximize the impact.”

Apr 08 - 2014Field Update // Liberia

alt text Katie Meyler, More Than Me Academy, votes YES everyday - providing hope for the future for many young girls who would otherwise fall prey to the harsh realities of poverty in Liberia.

Over the years, Waves For Water has completed three clean-water projects in Liberia. The first one carried out by Jon Rose, was featured in Surfing Magazine

The second led by Jack Rose, and the third by Jack Rose and Christian Troy. Projects 2 and 3 were in collaboration with Spryte Loriano. Can read about these at: W4W //Liberia

When selecting locations for World Water Day, Liberia was an obvious choice, mainly, because of the amazing local networks that have worked with us over the years. Spryte Loriano, Seanan Denizot, Kimmie Weeks - the list goes on.

There are people who travel around the world to work & sweat on the front lines in the daily war against water borne disease in equatorial Africa. And my reward is getting to work alongside such gifted and loving people.

For this special project Aamion Goodwin, Sam Talbot and Aaron Flynn joined me to form a truly awesome Waves For Water field operations team. This team, combined with Spryte and Seanan, made our World Water Day implementations a 100% success - bringing access to safe water to over 25,000 people in eight remote villages.

But, of course, we make up only half of the story - the other half are the students and teachers who receive us at each school. They are gracious, inspiring and awesome. And now they all have safe drinking water.

Catherine, of Barefoot Liberia - upon my arrival 17 March in Liberia. alt text

With Spryte Loriano - bringing safe drinking water to hundreds of students in village school. alt text Contaminated shallow wells throughout West Point - one of our World Water Day locations. alt text Kids at More Than Me Academy helping our clean-water demonstration. alt text Aamion Goodwin traveled all the way from Kauai to help us get safe drinking water to thousands of people on World Water Day. alt text Clean Water Courier, Sam Talbot, traveled from New York, - bringing 200 filters. Students and teachers are so grateful that Sam voted YES for their future - with his feet and heart and hands and sweat. alt text Aamion, another Clean Water Courier, voting YES for a brighter future for thousands of happy kids at all the schools we visited. alt text Spryte, voting YES with her entire life every day in Liberia, where she now lives - teaching the teachers. Spryte has helped me get safe drinking water to tens of thousands of people in Africa over the years. alt text Seanan Denizot, Barefoot Liberia, with staff from the More Than Me Academy. Seanan lives here and votes YES for future of Liberia everyday. alt text Chid Liberty, of Liberty & Justice, voting YES for Liberia everyday. His new clothing manufacturing operation provides jobs for 300 women - Waves For Water provides the drinking water - enough for the work day and for taking home. alt text Each school we visited now has ability to provide safe drinking water for every student - and enough for parents nearby to come to school and filter the well water to take back home. alt text Molly Moore and Aamion Goodwin bringing World Water Day clean-water systems to three remote villages surrounding Molly's orphanage. alt text Who we work for... alt text Sam, receiving handoff from local team. alt text Our Mt. Barclay village team - including Jack, Seanan, Molly, Sam, Catherine, Aamion and awesome local helpers. alt text World class photographer, Aaron Flynn, documenting WWD Liberia. alt text Aamion teaching Alex, our local hero who will continue to bring safe water to West Point after we are gone. alt text Aaron in the mosh pit - no telephoto lens needed. We came, we delivered, we split. In most school locations, the vibe is very peaceful and loving - here we were on the front lines in the war on water borne disease - and had to get out fast. alt text This boat reminded me of what a swami in India said to me recently, "It's better to see God in everything than to try to figure it all out". This was very helpful on WWD in West Point. I chose this site for our demo, with the ocean to our back - providing an empty, still counterpoint to the relentless struggle of daily existence surrounding us. alt text For our closing WWD training & distribution Spryte Loriano and Waves For Water gave buckets & filters to 100 school teachers attending her Woman's Empowerment course in Monrovia. Our strategy is to 'teach the teachers' - Because of the amazing work Spryte is doing, we were able to make a huge impact, as each teacher returned with safe water to their villages throughout Liberia. alt text

Images include Jersey girl, Katie Meyler of MORE THAN ME Academy and Molly Moore, a 21 year old woman from North Carolina who runs an orphanage in a remote village. Also included is Chid Liberty of LIBERTY & JUSTICE

As we come and go to extreme remote locations around the world, our work is made possible by our in-country friends and colleagues who are dedicated to making a difference over the long run, moving their countries forward, improving quality of life one day at a time. It's was a particular honor and pleasure to work with such amazing people in all our World Water Day project sites: Liberia, Brazil, Haiti, Philippines, Nicaragua, Bali.

Extreme 'Thank you' to Hurley for imagining this project and driving it steadily forward to amazing success.

For World Water Day 2015, we hope to amplify this year's scope & reach by a factor of ten - bringing access to safe drinking water to a million people in a single day. Stay tuned.

Mar 26 - 2014Field Update // Philippines

alt text For world water day, 800 filters were distributed simultaneously in 7 different islands in the Philippines. alt text

Cristine Garnace and team continued giving access to clean water to the island of Leyte. alt text alt text

Lovely Robles and team reached out to the island of Iloilo to the people that have limited access to clean water. alt text alt text

JCI Cebu closely working with schools and barangays that have unclean water sources alleviating water-borne diseases.

alt text alt text alt text alt text

Nataniel Benares and the UP mountaineers braved the tropical storm to give out filters to Guiuan after being the first island to be hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

alt text alt text alt text alt text

Dencio Dizon, Bradley Rayner and Wilmar Melindo showing how the filters can be used for the local's deep well that have been shun as undrinkable.

alt text alt text alt text

Mike Oida and Kapuluan Vista Resort lending a hand to neighboring schools and barangays.

alt text alt text alt text

Carlo Delantar, Koi Busalla, Pauline Jakosalem, and Chris Costello were set to fly to Siargao but, when boarding the plane, the flight was cancelled due to a tropical storm. They quickly ran to the pier to to get to Bohol in 2 hours. With the help of Rey Donaire and Jojo Arcay, locals around Bohol were given filters that they can use until water infrastructure is fully restored because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

Statistics & Progress

Funds Raised
$77,395 of $120,000

Impact 100,000+