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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. Together we will bring clean water to over eighty-five thousand Brazilians living in cities that will host the Confederations Cup (Brasilia, Salvador, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro). The project will distribute filters to the under served communities in these areas and already Jon Rose has been on the ground beginning distributions in the rural settlements of Cajazeiras and ParaĆ­ba. We cannot think of a better teammate to have for a project of this magnitude. 1 in 6 people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water- together we are changing this game. Neymar Jr. Oficial

Jul 02 - 2013Belo Horizonte

Waves For Water is getting closer to benefitting 85,000 people with clean water and the help of Neymar Jr. alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

Jun 27 - 2013Salvador

Waves For Water and Neymar Jr.'s Uncle, Benecio are helping local villages in Salvador after Neymar Jr. and Team Brazil beat Italy 4-2! alt text alt text alt text alt text

Jun 21 - 2013Fortaleza

Neymar Jr. and Brazil win Game One. Photos from Fortaleza.

Nearby villages are gaining access to clean water and are among the 85,000 people this project will benefit. alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

Jun 19 - 2013Greetings from Brasil!

There has always been a big correlation between sport and W4W and there probably always will be...

Probably due to my personal background, I will probably always see things through some sort of a sport based lens - it's how I relate and begin to problem solve. Because a game, a trick, or any athletic feat is just a series of problems/challenges that need to be solved or over come…

alt text

That said, we recently developed a partnership here in Brasil, with Soccer phenom - Neymar Jr (and his institute - Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.), which will result in 85,000 people getting access to clean water. We named the project "Sede de Vencer", which means "Thirsty for Winning" in Portuguese… the whole project really is based around sport and water. Kicking off this month, following Neymar and the Brasilian National Team during the Confederations Cup, the program will address the clean water needs for those living in under-served areas of the 5 cities that will host the games of the Cup: Brasília (DF), Salvador (BA), Fortaleza (CE), Belo Horizonte (MG) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

The main philosophy behind W4W has always been - go do what you love and help along the way… well that's exactly what this is! Neymar Jr is going out there and doing what he loves - soccer… and at the same time, through our program, he's helping all the communities he passes through. It really is a great example of our model at work. Ultimately, we designed this model with hopes that it could be plugged into all walks of life - not just surfers, or adventurous travelers… but also soccer players, musicians, clothing manufacturers, chefs, and film makers to name a few… really anyone who is traversing the world for whatever reason.

The idea is that whoever you are and where ever you're going, you can always do your part. Especially if the platform is simple and easy… and in this case it is. The need for clean water is EVERYWHERE… 1 in 6 people do not have access to potable water. So no matter a persons background or current walk of life, their ability to bring something as simple as a portable water filter to the next place they work or visit, is right there in front of them… and the measurable impact they can have as a result is also waiting there, ready to be realized.

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This project is symbolic… and truly a milestone for us as an organization and for me personally. It obviously speaks directly to the clean water needs here in Brasil, but in such a specific way - by coinciding with something EVERYONE here loves - soccer. This is a concept that, I believe, can be replicated through almost every other genre of life. It's exciting to think of the other ways we could apply this same model - musicians going on a world tour helping all the cities they pass through… or a clothier helping all the the villages around the factories that manufacture their garments. It's a plug and play model and this Sede de Vencer project is a shining example of that. I also want to say special thanks to Baruel, Hurley H2O, and Loducca for getting behind this project… for whom without, this never would have happened.

Next stop, Fortaleza! More to come...

Much love… JR

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