Janiece Marquez

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Janiece joined the United States Army in 2005, a career which is highlighted by two distinguished deployments to Afghanistan. First, a grueling 15-month tour in eastern Afghanistan in 2008-2009. Second, serving in Kunar province, with 3rd and 5th Special Forces Groups as a Cultural Support Team member conducting Village Stability Operations from 2011-2012.

After leaving the Army in 2012 Janiece founded Stable Outcomes, a stability operations startup operating in dynamic and complex environments. With Janiece as the CEO, Stable Outcomes consulted with South American security forces on military and police stability operations and aided in conducting counter-Ebola measures in remote areas of Liberia. Janiece personally worked in Ebola hot-zones delivering clean water to Liberia’s most-affected villages and teaching villagers how to prevent the contraction and spread of Ebola.



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