Operation Mozambique


Kings Beach , CA USA

Project Overview

Hi friends/family,

I’ll be traveling to South Africa and Mozambique from late April until late May. Cyclone Idai inflicted catastrophic damage on Mozambique in early March; since then, thousands of people have been left with nothing and access to clean drinking water has become incredibly challenging for many people there.

My plan is to bring several water filters to affected areas in Mozambique where access to clean drinking water is limited. I have experience with humanitarian projects in disaster/war zones and I'm looking forward to using my experience towards serving others in Mozambique. Some of these filters may also go to townships in South Africa where access to clean water is also a challenge.

Each water filter costs $35, and I plan to distribute them strategically with regards to where I’ll be on my travels. Thank you for your consideration and donations.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Inhambane - Mozambique

Filter Goal
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Potential Access to Clean Water 1,000+