Paddle LKN


Charlotte , NC USA

Project Overview

Event: 6 and 12 nautical mile SUP on Lake Norman in Charlotte, NC on August 11th, 2018

We are everyday people who care deeply about our oceans, marine environments, and onshore freshwater waterways. We are paddling to raise money for two initiatives: 1) Single-use plastic awareness and the promotion of ocean-friendly restaurants in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina and 2) Contributing to natural disaster relief efforts in the Caribbean (Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative) by getting clean water to those in need via Waves4Water filtration systems.

Through the collaboration with the Charlotte Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, we aim to educate, and therefore empower, our community around the longevity and abundance of plastics and what they are doing to natural waterways and global marine environments.

So why does this matter for you outside of environmental conservation... Plastics are entering the food chain! Plastic does not biodegrade, they just break apart into smaller pieces over time in marine environments. The smaller pieces the enter the food chain through plankton which mistake micro plastics for food in both fresh water and salt water. Plankton is the primary food source for many aquatic organisms, specifically fish and whales, and therefore plastics move up the food chain. They also are mistakenly eaten by turtles and birds which can create intestinal blockage, suffocation and ultimately have caused starvation.


Paddle Lkn
Donated: $4,000

Kathleen Tracy
Donated: $100

Michael O'shea
Donated: $151

Trevor Conner
Donated: $250

Erica Katz
Donated: $25

Whitney Garren
Donated: $100

Alex Moser
Donated: $100