Climb On Nepal - NYC


Brooklyn , NEW YORK USA

Project Overview

Everyone with an appreciation for nature has drawn inspiration from Nepal, home to the tallest mountain range in the world. After the two recent catastrophic earthquakes, it's also home to thousands of people in desperate need. Over 8,500 people have perished so far from the earthquakes, and just to provide some perspective, this is equal to more than four Hurricane Katrina's.

July 15th, 2015 we will be hosting a charity event featuring inspiring photographs of the mountains from the climbers of New York City, who love to play, climb, and dance on them.

As climbers, we will always have a connection to Nepal. It is grounded in our history, giving birth to the legends of our sport. And as climbers from New York City, we are a special breed and the community here is a sleeping giant. There is no better time than now, for us to showcase the love and peace we get from the mountains, and give back to a land and people that have given us so much inspiration.

We hope that this photo exhibition will share with everyone the joy and wonder that the mountains have given us, and inspire us all to come together in our appreciation for the mountains, and do something good for people who really need our help.

More info can be found on our website or shoot us an email at

Please come support - we hope to see you there!


Susan Slocum
Donated: $600

Emily Zangiacomi
Donated: $3,000

Caitlin Makary
Donated: $2,500

Marc Aqui
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Don Vu
Donated: $741

Don Vu
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The Sahai Family
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