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Waves For Water implements programs that provide access to clean water for those in need throughout the world. Checkout the map above or the list below to see what we’re doing, where we’ve been, and how you can help.

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Rohingya Refugee Relief Initiative

As Monsoon season is approaching, over half a million Rohingya refugees have fled from religious persecution and potential genocide in Myanmar. Due to ethnic and cultural differences, the Rohingya have…

27% Funded
Funds Raised$13,440 Impact50,000

Back to the Field

Costa Rica

At Waves For Water we have always viewed ourselves as a bridge to the permanent solution. By reducing the impact that a lack of clean water has on a community,…

9% Funded
Funds Raised$2,335 Impact25,000
This project has reached its goal!

Project Pine Ridge // America

Pine Ridge - South Dakota

This dispatch is a little longer than ones I’ve done in the past – which is very indicative of how much it impacted me. It’s been one of the most…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$9,000 Impact28,700
This project has reached its goal!

Operation Indonesia

Sumatra and Mentawais - Indonesia

Waves for Water and Surf Aid International coordinate efforts to aid and distribute water filtration systems to Padang and villages of Sumatra destroyed by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake and the…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$6,000 Impact10,000
This project has reached its goal!

Project Haiti // UN Military

UN Bases - Haiti

Waves for Water is working hand-in-hand with the United Nations and key leaders from communities to distribute clean drinking water solutions throughout Haiti. This project really is set up for success.…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$375,000 Impact105,000

Waves For Water General Fund

Waves for Water General Fund. Money donated to this fund goes to provide clean water solutions worldwide through our various ongoing Waves for Water PROGRAMS.

64% Funded
Funds Raised$643,166 Impact500,000

Project Nepal


By bringing tools, techniques and inspiration, Waves For Water helps people gain access to safe drinking water . . . at a cost of one dollar per person. Jon will…

47% Funded
Funds Raised$4,690 Impact10,000
This project has reached its goal!

Liberia 2015

Monrovia, Liberia

YAI-W4W EBOLA PREVENTION INITIATIVE This is our fifth clean-water project in Liberia. Now, more than ever, there is a huge need for what we do. Thank you MFG Cyclocross for successful…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$10,479 Impact15,000

Ethiopia // Hamlin Fistula Hospital


Project Photo credit - Ellen Mauro, CBC News Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Floods, Disease, Droughts: nature being nature. Without these extreme events, life for many people is difficult, but doable. Add…

23% Funded
Funds Raised$4,664 Impact20,000
This project has reached its goal!



Most people we talk to don't know who the Ese Ejja are. When Jade Moyano first arrived to Peru, she didn't either. While 45% of the population of Peru is…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$3,405 Impact15,000
This project has reached its goal!

Waves For Awassa // Project Ethiopia

Ethiopia - Africa

OUR MISSION: We believe safe drinking water is a basic human right – that children around the world shouldn’t have to play Russian Roulette every time they take a sip…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$20,435 Impact20,000

Wellness For Haiti

Port Au Prince - Haiti

Although it has been close to three years since the devastating earthquake that brought Haiti to its knees, there is still much to be done. It is easy to externalize…

53% Funded
Funds Raised$26,684 Impact100,000

Project Liberia

Monrovia - Liberia

Ten years after the devastating civil war, just 1 in 4 Liberians has access to safe drinking water, according to the World Health Organization. Half of all Liberians have no…

64% Funded
Funds Raised$16,116 Impact60,000
This project has reached its goal!

North Korea Project

Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea - North Korea

In October 2012 Waves For Water went to North Korea (aka Democratic People's Republic of Korea). We arrived in Pyongyang with duffel bags of water filters in-hand and made our…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$7,725 Impact5,000

W4W Euro General Fund


- German version below... - Deutsche version unten... Money donated to this fund goes to provide clean water solutions worldwide through various Waves for Water EU Projects. Waves For Water works on the…

4% Funded
Funds Raised$3,933 Impact100,000