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Waves For Water implements programs that provide access to clean water for those in need throughout the world. Checkout the map above or the list below to see what we’re doing, where we’ve been, and how you can help.

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Mozambique Cyclone Relief


It has been one month since Tropical Cyclone Idai ripped through Mozambique. The Category 2 storm made landfall in the early hours of March 15 with 110 mph winds and…

64% Funded
Funds Raised$19,325 Impact30,000

Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative

Caribbean Islands

After launching our initial response to Hurricane Irma, we were cautiously standing by, watching Hurricane Maria’s rapid increase in power, elevating it from a Category 1 hurricane to a Category…

97% Funded
Funds Raised$971,820 Impact1,000,000

Sierra Leone // Flood Relief Initiative

Sierra Leone

Shine on Sierra Leone and Waves For Water are launching an emergency response initiative in Sierra Leone. In the early morning hours of August 14, 2017, Freetown, Sierra Leone awoke…

94% Funded
Funds Raised$28,317 Impact30,000

Peru // Flood Relief Initiative


An abnormal El Nino has caused sudden and abnormal warming of the waters off the coast of Peru, leading to 10 times more rain this season than last. From the…

72% Funded
Funds Raised$143,532 Impact200,000

Hurricane Matthew Relief Initiative


Ladies and Gentleman, today we are finally getting accurate reports on the true impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. The southern coastal region is absolutely devastated. The main issue right…

62% Funded
Funds Raised$93,469 Impact150,000

Ecuador // Earthquake Relief Initiative


As many of you are probably aware by now, a 7.8 earthquake rocked Ecuador Saturday evening, buckling overpasses, causing houses to collapse, and knocking out power in Guayaquil, Ecuador's most…

55% Funded
Funds Raised$54,994 Impact1,000,000

Tropical Storm Lidia Response Initiative

Los Cabos – Baja Calfornia Sur

On the evening of September 1, Tropical Storm Lidia swept over Mexico’s Lower Baja Peninsula, causing devastating destruction to the region. The storm brought over a year’s worth of rain…

75% Funded
Funds Raised$44,997 Impact30,000

Nepal Relief Initiative


Friends & Family of W4W, I'd like to take this opportunity to officially announce that Waves For Water is mobilizing an urgent clean­water disaster relief initiative in response to the earthquake…

91% Funded
Funds Raised$317,925 Impact350,000
This project has reached its goal!

Brazil Flood Relief

Mtn. Region, Rio State - Brazil

Waves For Water and Agua Pura joined forces to bring clean water to victims of devastating floods in Brazil. Brazil is dealing with what they’re calling one of their worst…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$10,000 Impact20,000
This project has reached its goal!

Project Pakistan // Phase - I


On July 28, a monsoon of biblical proportions thrashed the Islamic Republic of Pakistan creating the largest humanitarian crisis in modern history. Twenty million people were ravaged by a mountain…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$10,000 Impact65,000

Flint Water Crisis

Flint, Michigan

Greetings W4W Family, Many of you have reached out asking for us to respond to the current water crisis in Flint, Michigan. After rigorous analysis of the situation, we’d like to…

Partner Funded
Funds Raised$2,718

Waves For Water General Fund

Waves for Water General Fund. Money donated to this fund goes to provide clean water solutions worldwide through our various ongoing Waves for Water PROGRAMS.

64% Funded
Funds Raised$643,166 Impact500,000

Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative

Northeastern Seaboard - United States

Waves for Water has coordinated a full-fledged Hurricane Relief Initiative in response to Super Storm Sandy that has absolutely decimated the North Eastern seaboard. Though we normally focus on clean…

Open Funding
Funds Raised$1,436,485
This project has reached its goal!

Japan Disaster Relief

Tokyo - Japan

The decision to launch a relief effort for Japan came easy. Just one glimpse of the news after the March 11th quake/tsunami hit, triggered every sensor I have for this…

100% Funded
Funds Raised$8,000 Impact20,000

Fiji // Cyclone Winston Relief Initiative

Viti Levu - Fiji

Waves For Water is mobilizing to help with the disaster relief in Viti Levu, Fiji where tens of thousands of people are still homeless after Cyclone Winston hit the…

47% Funded
Funds Raised$23,570 Impact50,000