YIO for Haiti

Project Overview

Earlier this month, Hurricane Matthew violently struck Haiti and resulted in the country’s largest humanitarian emergency since the 2010 earthquake. The latest figures confirmed 546 deaths and hundreds more injured. It caused extensive flooding and mudslides, damage to road infrastructure and buildings, as well as electricity and water shortages.

Poor conditions and lack of infrastructure impede progress to the more remote parts of the country, and critical needs include access to clean water, food, and shelter. In the almost 3 weeks since the hurricane, over 800,000 people still need urgent access to food and water (40% of whom are children), and there have been over 2,200 reported cases of cholera.

Together with our long-standing partner Waves 4 Water, which has a solid base on the ground, we hope to help alleviate these issues and help bring relief to Haitians. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 - $7,000 for Haiti.

$5,000 would provide 100 filters, which in turn has the capacity to provide clean water to 10,000 people daily for 5+ years.

Please spread the word to your family and friends and help us help Haiti.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Haiti

Funds Raised
$8,232 of $7,000

Impact 10,000+