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Project Overview

80% of people in Uganda live in rural areas where access, transport and use of clean water is precarious. Young children from age 4 or 5 begin taking their turn walking to collect water from the nearest source…sometimes a mud hole, other times a bore hole with hand pump, or a water storage tank which has collected rain water from a tin roof. All of these sources contain water borne diseases. That's why we keep returning to bring more filters to more people.

Over the course of three visits, Sister Carla, and her teams of Dominican University students and teachers, have given access to safe drinking water to thousands of villagers. You are invited to donate to our next Uganda // Clean Water project in May, 2014 - where Jay Gordon and Jamie Grumet will join Jack Rose and Waves For Water to continue the amazing work with Sister Carla and Father Kizito.

Jun 09 - 2014Field Update // 1

alt text Field report from the Ubumwe Community Center in Gyseni, Rwanda. Clean Water Couriers, Bob and Antoine, had just completed the Waves For Water training and the elation is captured here on Frederick's face in this photo . . . Smiling faces = fresh, clean drinking water for school.

Frederick has written a book that is coming out this month about his life and the genocide and thus the chopping off of his hands. It is quite a story of transformation.

He will be in Los Angeles while touring the USA on his book tour.

This remarkable Ubumwe Center accepts and treats all disabilities with a gentle grace that is truly inspiring. We will send 20 more filters for the school and nearby community as donations come in . . .

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