The Meatball Shop

Project Overview

The Meatball Shop and Waves for Water are excited to announce a partnership on a groundbreaking project to bring access to clean water to more than 25,000 people in Colombia.

Setting a new standard for how restaurateurs can collaborate with charitable organizations, the project represents an effective platform for successful businesses to

approach corporate responsibility programs. Chosen specifically because of the ties that

several key employees in TMS organization have to Colombia, it is an area where access

to clean water is much needed. With an established network of W4W partners in the

country already, it serves as the ideal launch point for such a project.

“The motivation behind the TMS/W4W partnership ties directly back to the basic concept

of targeting corporate responsibility initiatives towards the needs of actual people within the organization,” explains W4W Founder Jon Rose. “Rather than simply writing a

check, the corporation gets directly involved and can see the specific impact from their actions.”

Bringing charitable action to a more personal level, the TMS/W4W partnership will

tie a network of communities in the United States and Colombia together, all with the

common goal of bringing clean water to those most in need. Using funds raised at a

charity dinner hosted by TMS, a handful of the company’s employees will join the W4W

team in Colombia to distribute and implement portable water filtration systems. In some instances the TMS will be helping the villages in which their extended families still live.

Initially striking up a relationship during the Hurricane Sandy relief effort in 2012,

Michael Chernow, founding partner of The Meatball Shop, was trying desperately to

help the devastated NY/NJ neighborhoods, while Rose’s organization served as a liaison

between the victims of the storm and those individuals trying to assist. The two struck up a friendship, and now motivated by another group of people in need and empowered by their respective professions, they’re taking their experiences from the northeast and trying to help the people of Colombia.

“I wanted to figure out a way to tie the charity back to our industry, to give back to

our work force,” says Chernow. “In the world of restaurants, many of our teams are

constructed of people from places outside of the U.S., so I went to the team and said, ‘We are on a mission to help bring access to clean water to a place on the map that needs help, if you have any friends or family that could benefit from this please speak up.’ Six of our employees are from Colombia and all of them know people that need help. Lucky for us Jon and his team already have a network in Colombia. It’s a perfect fit.”

The Meatball Shop will host a private charity dinner on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, at their

restaurant to raise funds for the program.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Colombia

Funds Raised
$2,686 of $25,000

Impact 25,000+