Project Overview

We are lucky enough to have water to make lemonade out of. Elsewhere, people just wish they had water to drink. Water is in Sweet'tauk's DNA. It is our main ingredient and so it made sense to make Waves 4 Water part of our DNA and mission. Every bottle and cup of Sweet'tauk urges our customers to visit this W4W project and "Help us Help Others" via our ongoing Waves for Water project. By thinking outside the bottle we provide ongoing support for Waves for Water. Our first fundraiser is directed at raising $10,000 for water filters for El Salvador. Our friend and surf buddy from Montauk NY (and Venice LA) Tabitha Grasing has been living in El Salvador off and on since 2007. That said, we think it's best to let her tell the rest of the story: "After traveling Central America I revisited El Salvador and felt this was the place, I fell love with the kind people and of course the amazing surf here! Over the years I have become very imbedded in the community and have done several fundraisers for a local orphanage to help improve their general health and living conditions and have been on the local town community board advising and helping the community to grow and develop and have also partnered up with some Salvadorians and we have just opened our 3rd restaurant "TAKE A WOK" providing jobs for over 30 families! - so deep roots. A few years ago one of our main priorities of the community board was clean water. We finally got our municipality to pipe "clean" water to us but it has backfired. They are posing it as safe drinking water but it is so far from the truth. They have found E Coli bacteria as well as a plethora of amoebas and other bacteria and parasites in the "drinking water". "It is estimated that 90 percent of the surface water bodies are contaminated. Nearly all municipal wastewater (98 percent) and 90 percent of industrial wastewater is discharged to rivers and creeks without any treatment... in El Salvador..." The majority of Salvadorians, especially the rural and poor populations receive their water from the rivers. In some cases the government has piped in "clean" water but in reality it is still coming from the same contaminated rivers and lakes, thus poisoning the unknowing. Point being there is such a strong need for clean drinking water here in El Salvador and the government is not putting this anywhere near the top of the priority list. I am thrilled to have the support of W4W and Sweet'tauk to try and change this reality as much as possible. Over the next few weeks I will be going around, researching and trying to figure out which areas/ communities/ schools / orphanages / hospitals would reap the greatest benefits from these water filters as well as trying to assess how to avoid any governmental deterring - which is pretty strong here but I believe surpassable!

Statistics & Progress

Destination El Salvador

Funds Raised
$492 of $10,000

Impact 10,000+