Sierra Leone // Flood Relief Initiative

Project Overview

Shine on Sierra Leone and Waves For Water are launching an emergency response initiative in Sierra Leone. In the early morning hours of August 14, 2017, Freetown, Sierra Leone awoke to a catastrophic landslide which buried and killed over 300 people in the Regent District of the country's capital. Sierra Leone is located in on the West African coastline. While the death count continues to rise, an estimated 600 people are still unaccounted for.

Thousands are currently subjected to the harsh conditions of cramped makeshift emergency camps without adequate essential supplies, to include clean drinking water. The continued flooding in the West African nation puts countless people at risk of waterborne illness and disease exposure. Still recovering from a decade-long civil war and the three-year Ebola crisis, Sierra Leone’s infrastructure and resources are strained and in need of your support. Shine On Sierra Leone and Waves For Water are launching an initiative to provide access to clean drinking water to those impacted by the landslide and flooding in Sierra Leone.

Not only are Sierra Leoneans suffering from the emotional pain of losing friends and loved ones, but they are also suffering from the third-order effects of crippled critical water and transportation infrastructure. Bottled water is already in short supply and those affected need reusable potable and sustainable water systems. Tested in nearly every natural disaster for the past seven years, from flooding in the Balkans to the devastating earthquake in Nepal, our unique process of implementing a simple yet highly effective water filtration system has been proven time and time again.

We may be unable to prevent natural disasters, but we can help those most susceptible by mitigating the massive health risks that these disasters present. Having just worked on the Clean Water Corps flood response in Peru, the Waves For Water team is no stranger to the challenges of working in the immediate wake of disaster. The team is intimately aware that this disaster has exacerbated a preexisting clean water crisis. The plan will be executed carefully and tactically to provide rapid relief and a sustainable long-term solution to clean water issues in Sierra Leone. We strive to build enduring capacity within our local partners, enabling them to continue to have an impact after we leave. Our mission is to not only alleviate the suffering caused by this horrific event, but also to bring clean water access to everyone in need, one filter at a time.

On behalf of everyone at Waves For Water and Shine On Sierra Leone, we thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement. We could not do it without you.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Sierra Leone

Funds Raised
$28,317 of $30,000

Impact 30,000+