Project Sierra Leone

Project Overview

Water supply in Sierra Leone is characterized by limited access to safe drinking water. Majority of rural population must use traditional sources for drinking water: rivers, lakes, ponds, streams. The Waves For Water team will teach rural peoples how to filter water to make it safe to drink.

Waves For Water has teamed up with Tiffany Persons founder of "Shine On Sierra Leone" who's mission is to shine a light on Sierra Leone’s need by creating sustainable programs to promote thriving self-sufficient communities.

Shine On Sierra Leone has received $10,000 from employees and management of Mellmo, a San Diego tech company, resulting in contracting Waves For water to design and implement SOSL's first clean-water project . As a result of this partnership, in first week of May,we are bringing an awesome solution: 100 clean-water systems, each giving access to safe drinking water to over a hundred people for many years to come. Each filter can deliver up to one million gallons of water, cleaned to higher standards than typical bottled water.

With additional funding we will install rainwater harvesting tanks and gutters the SOSL school in time to take advantage of coming rainy season.

Nov 27 - 2013Phase Two // Complete

alt text

Waves For Water + Shine On Sierra Leone = safe water for schools and villages in West Africa. Thank you Handisides family of San Francisco for funding Phase 2 - November, 2013. The following images show Waves For Water teaching and developing three new water sources: Rainwater Harvesting, Well Restoration, and Point-of-Use Water Filtration. The combination of these solutions result in new, abundant sources of safe drinking water for 20,000 thousand people in Kono District of Sierra Leone.

Jon Rose and Tiffany Persons collaborating to bring safe water to her school, Shine On Sierra Leone. alt text

Catching rain is the simplest thing a human can do - To any building, add gutters, water tanks, filters = best water on the planet . . . No building? No problem - string up plastic tarps from nearby trees and funnel storm surge into waiting containers. Rain is freely given - just catch it. alt text

Our local team, without which no progress can happen. Intense focus - day after day - we work, we sweat, we bond, we share 15,000 liters of the best water on earth + three wells now providing water for thousands - and enough water filters to give access to safe drinking water to 20,000 people. alt text

Each project begins, and ends, with a road trip across vast frontiers, across continents, into places long forgotten - where a bucket and a filter can mean the difference between dying and living. alt text

Just fix it - that's our motto - a day of labor and the right replacement parts = abundant water for entire village. alt text

Instead of drilling new wells, just restore the thousands of dead wells like this one - at an average cost of $300 each. alt text

Building foundations for new water storage tanks. alt text

Rainwater Harvesting Workshop - teaching the teachers - By the time we're done, local teams have learned a new skill - how to catch, store, clean, and share abundant rainfall. alt text

Installing rain gutters and building foundations for new water storage tanks. alt text

The adults are so grateful - knowing their kids are the ones who suffer the consequences of bad water. Shine On Sierra Leone now enjoys the benefit of having 15,000 liters of water from heaven. If we catch the rain that falls on the schools, there is more than enough for everyone. alt text

During Phase One we noticed several wells no longer working. In Phase Two we brought three dead wells back to life. alt text

Typical W4W well restoration & filtration program in deepest Africa. As soon as we're done - a steady stream - thousands receiving water from a single well. alt text

We bring modern tools - the carpenters & plumbers are so happy. Our partners in USA and Europe are providing much more than water - tools, techniques, friendship, hope, future. alt text

Our videographer & driver helping to get more water to more people - ground zero' in the daily disaster of water borne disease. alt text

A well, dry for years, now flowing. At each restoration we distribute enough filters and buckets for entire village. alt text

Like us, Kadie and Mohamed believe safe drinking water is a basic human right - and then they put their beliefs into daily practice. alt text

Kids shouldn’t have to play biological Russian Roulette each time they take a drink of water from local streams, ponds, bore holes. The global problem of safe drinking water is solvable. alt text

Completion of W4W-SOSL Phase Two = three new sources of water: rainwater harvesting, point-of-use water filtration, and well restoration projects for schools, villages, hospitals. Heat exhaustion + dehydration = one totally happy clean-water team.

Jack Rose

Jul 29 - 2013Phase One // Complete

alt text Point of Use Water Filtration

Phase One has been completed, thanks to all the people here who donated time and funds; to the teams who traveled to Africa to design and implement clean-water solutions; and to the local population who received us and contributed to success of project every step of the way. Along with the training and distribution of our Waves For Water clean-water systems (filter & bucket) we installed a rainwater harvesting system on the Shine On Sierra Leone School – providing abundant clean water for all 400 students and for the adjoining village. The 100 clean-water systems (filter & bucket) we brought will continue to give access to safe drinking water to over 10,000 people, for many years. Each filter can deliver up to one million gallons of water, cleaned to higher standards than typical bottled water.

alt text Tiffany Persons

alt text Rainwater Harvesting

alt text Bucket Transporting

alt text 5,000 Liters Fresh Rainwater

Phase Two will be implemented in August, in order to take advantage of current rainy season. In this phase we will: 1 - add three more 5,000 liter water storage tanks (and gutters) on school building and local medical clinic. When rainy season ends, school and local village will enjoy a supply of 20,000 liters of the best water on the planet all throughout the dry season. 2 – train and distribute 200 clean-water systems (safe water for 20,000 people). These will go to school families and to several villages across Sierra Leone. 3 – we will oversee the restoration of several water wells at school, village and nearby town. Each well will provide water for up to 2,000 people. 4 – video documentary, similar to videos.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Sierra Leone - Africa

Funds Raised
$39,403 of $40,000

Impact 20,000+