Shore to Shore

Project Overview

SHORE TO SHORE: Families and Students for Clean Water for Nicaragua:

Shore to Shore is a local initiative in support of the Waves For Water clean water projects in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is considered the poorest country in Central America, second poorest country in the western hemisphere after Haiti, as almost half of the population lives below the national poverty line, with one of the highest annual growth rates in Latin America. - According to the most recent Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) report by UNICEF and WHO, there is a large disparity between rural and urban areas for access to improved water sources. Of the 2.8 million people living in rural Nicaragua only 5% have access to piped water. Most of the rural population must often procure their water from shallow wells, rivers, streams, and lakes that are polluted with residential sewage, pesticides, and industrial toxins. These people bath, wash clothes and bring their animals to drink at the same water source.

Women are at the forefront of this problem. Everyday, mothers and young girls travel to get water for their families down paths that are long and dangerous. These women are also missing out on an education and a future. Access to clean water frees them from this cycle. It allows for new opportunities in education and employment for women and gives them greater autonomy and independence.

Shore to Shore invites the Ranney School community to join us in this endeavor. Ranney School is unwavering in its mission to nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence, inspiring students to lead honorably, think creatively and contribute meaningfully to society.

Together we are purposely driven to positively impacting the lives of others.


  • Volcán Cosiguina 110 students
  • Las Florides 300 students
  • San Luis - 110 students
  • San Cayetano 600 students
  • Playa San Diego 120 students
  • Finca San Diego - 82 students
  • Communidad California - 145 students
  • San Bartolo - 150 students
  • San Jicaro - 165 students
  • El Zapote - 80 students
  • Assereadores - 160 students
  • El Munzano 3 - 200 students
  • Isla Zapatera - 70 students
  • El Moncho - 35 students

  • WINTER 2017
  • – Ranney School students and community will activate initiatives to raise funds as awareness for clean water programs.

  • SPRING 2017
  • – Waves For Water and in country Nicaraguan directors will implement and empower the 14 designated communities with access to clean water solutions.


    We plan to provide clean water using:

    * Multiple use filters, specifically the Sawyer MVP filter used individually with five gallon buckets

    * Multiple filters with large water tanks (Tinaco) and the faucet adaptor with the Sawyer filter

    For $50, each Sawyer MVP filter is designed to last 5 years and clean up to 1 million gallons of water!

    Statistics & Progress

    Destination Nicaragua

    Funds Raised
    $2,715 of $15,000

    Impact 15,000+