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There are mega storms happening all around the world, all year long... and sometimes they fall directly upon heavily populated civilization. Luck of the draw I guess? Typhoon Hagupit (aka Ruby) slowly made its way through the Philippines this past week. It made landfall as a CAT 4 storm but its abnormally slow speed is what caused most of the trouble... with as much rain it produced, the slow speed allowed for maximum saturation and flooding scenarios. But rather than talk about all the bad that it's causing I want to highlight the positive key points that need not be overlooked. People were prepared this time... unfortunately this preparedness came as a result of the unforgettable loss associated with Typhoon Haiyan just one year ago. But with great loss always comes great wisdom and this preparedness is almost single handedly what's kept the death toll down with the new storm. People evacuated ahead of time, other precautionary measures were taken... and though very disheartening reports of major damage and flooding are starting to come in, most people are alive and in shelters riding it out. Along with the essential evacuation procedures implemented, there are also a number of organizations/groups like ours (Waves For Water) that worked tirelessly on Haiyan that still have great local networks in place. Our existing water systems distributed during typhoon Haiyan were actually used as a silo for the evacuation centers when the typhoon made first landfall. This means that our ability to respond is way ahead of the curve. Actually we never stopped working there and have plans to be there for years to come... because our clean water program is needed in a place like the Philippines long before these storms decide to attack. Many people have asked why we are "reporting" on this better than the news…? Well, as I mentioned, we have teams in these regions that we've been working all year… so we've been able to get real time intel and updates from them. The biggest challenge that an incident like Typhoon Hagupit has is that super Typhoon Haiyan hit a year ago… so all the current news reports just stress that "it's not as bad as Haiyan". This may be true but it doesn't mean there isn't still crippling effects from this one. Had Haiyan not completely warped the scale, Ruby would no doubt be front and center in the news. I can assure you that there is widespread damage and incredible loss. That said, because we have such good network already in place, we have a responsibility to mitigate the immediate suffering caused by Hagupit, as well as help share the real situation on the ground, in the international media's absence. Our teams have been activated and are on the ground to respond. The movement of our local teams have been essential to provide accurate and needed information. As we wait for more reports from the path of Ruby, we are spreading ourselves properly to respond to the islands that need it immediately and as a means of providing access to clean water for years to come. We have 300 water filters in route, which can help provide access to clean water for up to 30k people there. Once they arrive, our teams there will carry out training/distribution strikes to the hardest hit areas… Thank you and stay tuned for more updates…


Photo Credit : Denver Adina Semborios

Dec 11 - 2014Field Report // 1

Jason Tentativa implemented our first distribution of ten filters on December 9th, 2014 in Eastern Samar. The devastation mostly affected the livelihood of the people i.e. crops, coconut trees, farms, fishing boats. Some of the houses were intact and some were destroyed totally. These towns have no public water system, no treated water. The towns are currently using Artesian wells for drinking especially in the villages that are far from municipal center and those who are living on the islands.

First councilor Hon. Pormida of Oras assisted in identifying areas of most need. Additional relief goods, including canned goods, sanitary napkins, used clothes, biscuits ect., were distributed to approx. 200 families.

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