Chile Relief Effort

Project Overview

A massive earthquake and tsunami hit on February 27. The earthquake and tidal wave damage is devastating. The epicenter was just 5km from Save The Waves Coastkeeper office. Friends, colleagues and neighbors in coastal Chile need everyone’s help now more than ever. The destruction to infrastructure is severe, and includes massive damage to buildings and roads, drinking water systems, power grids, and communication. Aid and relief in the next few weeks will be crucial to help save lives.

The primary focus of our ongoing relief mission is to provide clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of Chileans who are currently without water. Save The Waves has partnered with Waves for Water to bring filter systems for clean drinking water, and is currently distributing 1,000 filters enough for 20,000 people in the earthquake zone to get clean water.

Many survivors in Chile now have safe, abundant water. This is the direct, and immediate, result of coupling our talents, experience & resources with the compassion & funds donated by so many people.

Because Save The Waves Coalition’s ongoing environmental work is in the same area as the disaster, the organization is uniquely positioned to help direct humanitarian relief efforts in the region. Patagonia Inc, the outdoor apparel company, has stepped up and provided significant support for this initiative, and has been rallying others to join the cause.

All donations to Save The Waves for Chile earthquake relief will go directly to humanitarian work on the ground in the devastated regions near the quake and tsunami epicenter. Humanitarian aid efforts will be focused in the rural coastal areas where help and aid are less available.

Since Save The Waves is a well respected organization, with years of experience in coastal Chile, support for this effort will be extremely effective, with no bureaucratic roadblocks or delays -just pure aid for the coastal communities that are in dire need. Can learn more and participate at:

Statistics & Progress

Destination Chile

Funds Raised
$25,000 of $25,000

Impact 20,000+