Project Nepal

Project Overview

By bringing tools, techniques and inspiration, Waves For Water helps people gain access to safe drinking water . . . at a cost of one dollar per person. Jon will travel to Nepal in November with 100 filters for Ashish. Together, with logistics and security assistance of the Nepalese Military, Jon and Ashish will use army bases throughout Nepal as distribution and training centers. Nepal TV will be doing a documentary of this unique humanitarian partnership between Waves For Water and Nepalese Army.

Jon and Ashish crisscross Nepal, bringing our collective gift of safe drinking water to over 10,000 people. We are all familiar with the phrase, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” But, this doesn’t ring true to my own experience: By the time I was grown and ready to jump into the world, I had received 20,000 free meals (18x365x3). This gave me a huge head start in life. Every kid, given this head start, has a much better chance to survive. We at Waves For Water believe safe drinking water is a basic human right – that children around the world shouldn’t have to play Russian Roulette every time they take a sip of water from the local stream, pond, lake or river. And we have the brilliant technology that allows pond, stream, lake and river water to be 100% safe to drink.

Yours in service, Jack Rose

Statistics & Progress

Destination Nepal

Funds Raised
$4,690 of $10,000

Impact 10,000+