Waves For Awassa // Project Ethiopia

Project Overview

OUR MISSION: We believe safe drinking water is a basic human right – that children around the world shouldn’t have to play Russian Roulette every time they take a sip of water from the local stream, pond, lake or river. And we have the brilliant technology that allows pond, stream, lake and river water to be 100% safe to drink. We invite you to join us in our ongoing attempt to connect talent and resources in America with the grateful, receiving hearts of the Ethiopians we have come to know and love.

OUR GOAL: to pool together our talents and resources to bring safe drinking water to as many people in Ethiopia as we can during 2013. Beginning in March, funds raised will go directly to the ‘Waves For Awassa | Project Ethiopia' which will:

1. Continue to assist children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS: The children are given the necessary nutrition, clothing, housing, education, and counseling required for a healthy upbringing.

2. Bring safe drinking water to Awassa, Ethiopia and surrounding areas. Portable water filter systems will be brought to the area by Waves for Water. When filters are installed in an ordinary plastic buckets, dirty water to instantly changed into clean and drinkable water - and thousands of people are immediately protected from the deadly consequences of water borne diseases.

3. Share our experience and show you how our combined efforts will impact the people of Ethiopia. Through the photography of Anthony Fiorin, and the additional documentation that will be provided by our team, you will see the joy that the people of Ethiopia will experience with their first sips of clean water.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Ethiopia - Africa

Funds Raised
$20,435 of $20,000

Impact 20,000+