Project Amazon

Project Overview

The concept for our mission to the Amazon was simple – Do what we love and help along the way. We surfed the infamous Pororoca (tidal bore wave created by extreme tides during a full moon) and delivered water filters to riverside villagers along the way.

Mother Nature has certainly been committed to getting our attention lately… the last couple years have been riddled with an overwhelming amount of natural disasters.

I believe that all this is cyclical when speaking in terms of the “big picture”, but am also aware that it’s a cycle that none of us have been around long enough to experience before. In my line of work, these are the types of things that I think about late at night. That said, I am happy that we’ve created a platform (W4W) in which we can help the people adjust and adapt to whatever the universe throws at them next… because all of this stuff seems stranger than fiction at times, and then we start to rethink and adapt to the change… ultimately allowing us to persevere.

There is nothing easy about doing a trip like this. Travel to this specific region of the Amazon is painfully long any way you slice it… I did the math and from LA to our final destination (anchorage on the river) is over 60 hours of travel. But in my opinion it is always the hard journeys that we remember. Adversity has a damn fine way of leaving it’s mark on us… testing us… allowing us to see who we really are… and more importantly, who we want to become.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Amacapa - Brazilian Amazon

Funds Raised
$8,000 of $5,000

Impact 20,000+