Mozambique Cyclone Relief

Project Overview

It has been one month since Tropical Cyclone Idai ripped through Mozambique. The Category 2 storm made landfall in the early hours of March 15 with 110 mph winds and heavy rains devastating this southern African country. More than half a million people were affected in the country and at least 110,000 have sought refuge in camps. Now reports are indicating over three thousands of cases of Cholera in the port city of Beira and in a few outlying communities

Today, Waves For Water is launching our Mozambique Cyclone Relief Initiative. Our initial goal with any relief initiative is to help mitigate the suffering by providing victims with access to safe water, crucial in preventing or limiting the spread of waterborne illnesses. Then as we have boots on the ground and start to establish our local networks we will work to implement long term programs that can be managed and built upon, locally.

Similar to the work we continue to do in Haiti, throughout the Philippines, the Caribbean and more the first phase is urgent in nature and made up of multiple strategic strikes into the hardest hit areas of the disaster zone. These strikes entail us providing access to clean water by distributing portable water filtration systems to community centers, refugee camps, and individual families in these areas. Then the second phase, though still providing relief, consists of expanding the program by implementing more long term solutions, such as rainwater harvesting systems and borehole wells, while continuing to seek out new regions of need beyond ground zero. Thank you for your support, we will be updating everyone from the field, once our team is on the ground.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Mozambique

Funds Raised
$19,325 of $30,000

Impact 30,000+