Live on Good Waves

Project Overview

At Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2015, the 10th event of the surf championship tour, Portuguesewaves used a desalination process to introduce Waves, bottled drinkable water straight from the best Portuguese waves. Waves is a very limited and special edition, a symbolic idea from Portuguesewaves aimed at those who live on good waves: giving something back in its purest way. But more importantly than anything else, Waves was the first step towards contributing to support something bigger: in a unique partnership with Waves for Water there was the inspiration for the best wave of all. From Portugal to the world, a solidarity wave grows every day and quenches the thirst of thousands of people with no access to drinking water. At the same time it reduces the number of illnesses cause by the lack of drinking water. With this purpose in mind and in a partnership with Waves for Water, Portuguesewaves started the Live on Good Waves project, which has the goal to raise the amount to purchase 100 water filters. They cost 5000 dollars but will affect approximately 10.000 people. The filters raised by this project will be distributed by the Waves for Water themselves amongst the several projects they support. Join this solidary wave, your help is essential to raise the 100 filters and change thousands of lives with it. Thank you very much, Portuguesewaves

Statistics & Progress

Destination Portugal

Funds Raised
$230 of $5,000

Impact 5,000+