Liberia 2015

Project Overview


This is our fifth clean-water project in Liberia. Now, more than ever, there is a huge need for what we do. Thank you MFG Cyclocross for successful fundraising effort, stepping up to play a key part in this operation. They raised $10,000!


Even though Ebola cases in West Africa have declined, the disease can spike again at any time. According to the World Heath Organization (WHO) hand-washing is first line of defense.

In response to request for assistance from Kimmie Weeks, Youth Action International, we are using donated funds to set up hand-washing stations (bucket + tap, and water with chlorine solution) in every school in Liberia.

Project is currently underway, and soon, March 16th, our field operations team, Jack Rose, Mady Slater and Ethan Lovell will arrive on front lines to study, document, bring another 100 clean-water systems (filter & bucket) and 30 digital thermometers.

4 ways to keep children safe from Ebola:

As budget allows, we will reach as many schools as possible in this phase then use the impact of this first effort to attract resources to reach all the remaining schools throughout West Africa.

To see images and story of previous Liberia projects:

and visit these sites:

Youth Action International

Global Hand Washing Day

Artists For Trauma (donated thermometers)

Thank you to Airlink for securing free flights for our team traveling to the front lines in the war against Ebola.

Check out AirLink: see images and scroll down for Liberia Ebola story.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Monrovia , Liberia

Funds Raised
$10,479 of $10,500

Impact 15,000+