Land Bank of the Philippines

About The Partner

Land Bank of the Philippines’ Gawad KATUBIGAN (KAakibat na TUlong sa Bayan para sa Inuming KailanGAN) is one of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs that provides water filtration systems along with technology transfer to capacitate disaster-prone, disaster-stricken, and hard to reach communities and give them access to clean drinking water—implemented in partnership with Waves for Water Philippines.

The program has strengthened the Bank’s core value of social responsibility among employees, since we have consistently engaged Landbankers as volunteers in program implementations across different sites. We are fortunate to have Waves for Water as one of our partners in community development.‖ –President and CEO Alex Buenaventura, Land Bank of the Philippines’

"We know that one of the main problems of agriculture in particular are the calamities that hit our farmers. So what LANDBANK is doing is that we are also trying to support our clients not only by giving them credit or lending programs, but to aid them outside of these programs. As a complement to that, we thought that another of the needs that we need to address is how to provide them with clean water.” - Catherine Rowena B. Villanueva (LANDBANK First Vice President, Corporate Affairs Department)