About The Partner

One thing we love about doing this work are the connections made while out in the field. And over time these connections have multiplied and developed into a strong collective of like-minded badasses - people who are out there tackling the world and doing it with purpose.

One of the key players in this band of misfits is a special guy by the name of James Brennen. He's a native New Yorker, raised on the beaches of Rockaway, so when Hurricane Sandy decimated his home town he sprung into action. A successful restauranteur / bar owner and founder of the cold pressed juice company, Suja, James did amazing and leveraged his entire network to help his hometown recover. He met our founder, Jon Rose, during this time and the two collaborated to help rebuild Rockaway, thereafter... now James and a couple partners, are embarking on a new venture called Kopari, a consciously minded line of coconut oil based beauty products. Because they sustainably and responsibly source their products from countries that we are actively working in, they have decided to support us by giving $1 of every sale to our programs in those regions. We love it when are friends make big moves in the world and we love it even more when those moves directly translate into more people gaining access to clean water.