Hope for Haiti

About The Partner

Hope for Haiti’s holistic model of sustainable community development aims to address nationwide problems, including poverty, malnutrition, access to education, healthcare, clean water, erosion and desertification, and inadequate infrastructure to meet the needs of the people. For over 25 years, Hope for Haiti has partnered with existing community leaders to overcome these varied challenges. Approximately 90% of Haiti’s schools are private schools. By focusing on the school as the center of a community’s healthcare, water, economic, and infrastructure needs, Hope for Haiti connects, heals, and empowers partners towards economic sustainability.

Clean water access is frequently one of the most important issues post-disaster. Compounding this in Haiti is the ongoing cholera epidemic, so establishing and maintaining clean water supplies and appropriate sanitation is imperative to avoid the devastating outcome of exacerbating the epidemic. With W4W’s expertise in implementation and existing infrastructure and experience in Haiti, in combination with Hope for Haiti’s ongoing commitment to providing access to clean water; its mission to empower the Haitian people; and its deep community roots in the region, the synergistic partnership between the organizations has the potential to not only provide acute aid post-hurricane, but to create a large-scale, lasting impact.

Five hurricane-damaged communities in the southwestern region of Haiti identified by Hope for Haiti will be visited by the in-country W4W team. The implementations being carried out include cholera prevention, WASH teaching sessions, distribution and teaching the usage of water filtration systems including a point-of-use water filter and bucket.