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Project Overview

Project Photo credit - Ellen Mauro, CBC News

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Floods, Disease, Droughts: nature being nature. Without these extreme events, life for many people is difficult, but doable. Add a sudden calamity, and quality-of-life plummets. The common denominator of all the upheavals and cataclysms throughout the world is WBD: Water Borne Disease.

WBD is an enemy that Waves For Water is really good at combating. Our arsenal: point-of-use portable water filters, rainwater harvesting and well drilling & restorations.

Over the years, we have been designing and implementing clean-water projects in many countries across Africa. Based on the success of our Phase One pilot projects at rural Fistula Hospitals, Waves For Water is inviting funding organizations, corporations and individuals to collaborate with us to bring safe drinking water to millions of people across Ethiopia who otherwise must continue to endure the ongoing consequences of water-borne disease.

First step: Inspire those who have safe water share with those who don’t.

Implementation Strategy: Collaboration with Hamlin Fistula Hospital: W4W tells the story and attracts funding partners, receives donations, ships filters to Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. Main hospital oversees filter trainings and distributions via it’s rural hospitals across the country.

Impact: Each filter costs $50 and provides safe drinking water to over 100 people for 5 to 10 years, cleaning one million gallons of contaminated water. Our bucket filters make muddy rivers, streams, lakes, ponds safe to drink. We’ve been using these to bring safe water to millions all across Africa for over ten years.

Funding Strategy: Use program example demonstrated by Fistula Hospital to attract funding organizations like: UN, Unicef, Oxfam, World Vision, Mercy Corps, Compassion International, Gates Foundation, and Ethiopian government – and corporations like Nike, General Electric, BMW, Heineken, Toyota, AT&T, Ford, etc.

Budget: Phase 2 - $10,000. Impact: 10,000 people Goal: Safe water for Ethiopia

Phase 2 Funding Partners: Artists For Trauma, A.C. Israel Foundation, Dulce M Martin Tellez

Here are images from two rural Fistula hospitals and several MOH clinics. See that muddy water – The bucket filters in the foreground make this water safe to drink.

Women all across Ethiopia travel to Hamlin Hospitals to receive free fistula operation.A life changing experience. See ‘A Walk to Beautiful’ video and our previous work on the Ethiopia Project Post.

See How Filter Works Here

Statistics & Progress

Destination Ethiopia

Funds Raised
$4,664 of $20,000

Impact 20,000+