MFG Cyclocross // Project Nepal

Project Overview

By bringing tools, techniques and inspiration, Waves For Water helps people gain access to safe drinking water . . . at a cost of one dollar per person.

Waves For Water believes safe drinking water is a basic human right – that children around the world shouldn't have to play Russian Roulette every time they take a sip of water from the local stream, pond, lake or river. And we have the brilliant technology that allows pond, stream, lake and river water to be 100% safe to drink.

MFG Cyclocross will be hosting a double weekend of sanctioned racing, headlined by UCI Category 2 races on Saturday, December 6th and Sunday, December 7th of this year. The race weekend will take place at two separate venues: Saturday, on the Campus of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma and Sunday, at Ft. Steilacoom Park in Lakewood.

MFG Cyclocross will focus on bringing financial support to two Waves For Water projects: Project Liberia and Project Nepal.These two projects will be exclusive to our cyclocross weekend. The funds raised to positively impact these two nations will be a direct reflection of the financial participation from our cyclocross community.

Thank you to the following for your donations while registering:

  • Kempton Baker $25
  • Parker King $50
  • Jennifer Gaertner $25
  • Jason Hansen $25
  • Jason Walker $25
  • Chaz Hogenauer $25
  • Evan Geary $50
  • Matt Morrisson $25
  • James Thompson $25
  • Kevin Sayler $50
  • Matthew Cazier $50
  • Mark Kranwinkle $100
  • Sandrine McFadden $25
  • Wayne Shtybel $25
  • Michael Anderson $50
  • Amanda McNabb$25
  • Mark Longman $100

Statistics & Progress

Destination Nepal

Funds Raised
$10,050 of $10,000

Impact 10,000+