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In 2014, the Ebola epidemic struck in West Africa, infecting more than 28,000 individuals and causing more than 11,000 deaths. At the height of the epidemic, W4W was involved in prevention and early detection efforts, providing hand washing stations, no-touch thermometers, water filtration systems, and education to remote, neglected schools identified by the strong existing networks it had established in Liberia during prior projects. In the later phases of the epidemic, W4W partnered with the Gates Foundation and Clinical Research Management group to use water filtration systems as a means for survivors of Ebola, who were being ostracized in their communities, to become champions of health. An Ebola survivor’s health fair was organized that included the distribution of water filtration systems to survivors, along with teaching. The water filtration systems were brought back to the survivors’ communities as a tool for community re-entry as a means to end to the cultural out- casting. This moving event resulted in the distribution of 700 filtration systems to a newly empowered group of survivors of one of the most devastating infections known to man. In the wake of the Ebola epidemic, W4W has continued the distribution of water filtration systems to survivors in Sierra Leone and Guinea with plans for further expansion.


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Ebola Survivors Initiative

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West Africa - Liberia - Sierra Leone - GuineaYouth Action International,YAI - Clinical Research Management, CRM and World Surf League, WSL are returning to Sierra Leone and Guinea with Waves…

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