Artists For Water

If Waves For Water does a t-shirt, how is it different? Inspired by this question, we approached this t-shirt concept the same way we would our programs in the field – how can we take an existing model and make it better? The result: we asked a few of our talented artist friends who inspire us, to each create a t-shirt that represents their artistic interpretation of who we are and what we do. We didn’t limit the artists by asking them to just do their spin on our logo, but rather gave them some key inspiration points that speak to what we do, to see how they'd interpret that. As we had hoped, each of them took different approaches, while maintaining their signature styles in the process. The end results are amazing original pieces of art that truly help to communicate the spirit of Waves For Water. We are honored and humbled by the efforts of each artist and excited to share them with our community.

The goal with this campaign is two fold: Generate funds that will be put directly towards our programs in the field, while also creating a little token/badge for our supporters to share with the world.

Waves For Water launches limited addition “Artists For Water” t-shirt collection to support global clean water programs. Artists include Thomas Campbell, Andy Davis, Natas Kaupas, Kassia Meador & Shawn Stussy. Starting May 15th, Waves For Water will be releasing the first of 5 artist collections. Each collection will run for 10 days consecutively. There are limited quantities for each artist so be sure to sign up to be notified when new products launch.