Angola // Phase 1

Project Overview

PROBLEM - In Angola, access to safe water is extremely limited, and 90% of water is contaminated with fecal matter. Less than 40% of Angolans in rural areas have access to improved water supplies. Epidemics of cholera, malaria, and diarrhea are common diseases in many parts of the country. Angola’s lack of clean water and poor sanitation is the main reason it is among the highest under-five mortality rate in the world.

SOLUTION - Waves For Water team: Jack Rose, Ikena Carreira and Christian Driggs traveled to Cabinda, Angola in March, 2014 to bring access to safe drinking water to 20,000 people. The accompanying photos show the team bringing 200 clean-water systems (filter & bucket) and doing clean-water trainings & distributions at a variety of schools, maternity hospitals, and remote rural villages.

TEAM W4W worked closely with JAM, a local youth action organization - so we not only delivered safe water, but trained a local team to be able to continue the work after we left the country - When we return for phase 2, this young team will once again play a key role in bringing safe water to their country.

FUNDING: $15,000 donated by [STANDSEVEN]( and MCIR

This project was conceived and inspired by Ikena Carreira, a beautiful Angolan woman, living in London. We first met Ikena while doing our clean-water project in Kono, Sierra Leone, Inspired by our work, she asked if we could do the same in Angola. We said 'Yes' and the rest is history. Ikena inspired people to raise the needed funds, then planned and oversaw every in-country detail, with the help of her cousin Winduka and his wife Thelma, in Cabinda. These three amazing Angolans really are the reason our project was a 100% success, and why we are returning soon for phase 2. The final team member was Christian Driggs, who we met during our Hurricane Sandy relief efforts on the Jersey Shore. Christian then traveled to the Philippines with us to do emergency disaster relief in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

All I can say is "What a team" - The payoff for what we do is the amazing people we get to work with shoulder-to-shoulder, day-after-day, in extreme conditions and locations around the world. Thank you Team Angola. The result of our combined efforts: many thousands of Angolans now are suffering less from the horrendous effects of water borne disease.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Angola

Funds Raised
$21,750 of $15,000

Impact 20,000+