TUMI x South Africa

Project Overview

Langrug, about 80km from Cape Town, is home to more than 2,500 shacks and over 7,000 people, one third of them have no access to electricity or sanitary facilities. The settlement is characterized by extreme poverty, poor housing, improvised shelters and lack of sanitation. With the server drought, periodic water shut-offs are planned in the coming months resulting severe impact on this community lacking infrastructure.

In partnership with TUMI, we are implementing long-term mechanisms to change the way water is accessed for years to come with the construction of 3 rain catchment systems, one a the community center and one each at two crèches, and the implementation of 100 filters in the community.

In collaboration with FLOW, a water organization that has done extensive work and has a strong network in Langrug, the combination of rain catchment systems and water filters will not only improve access to water, but provides a solution to ensuring the collected water is safe to drink.

Statistics & Progress

Destination South Africa

Funds Raised
$11,404 of $20,000

Impact 20,000+