Philippine Hobie Challenge

Project Overview

Waves for Water to distribute clean water systems during Philippine Hobie Challenge The Philippine Hobie Challenge, the toughest regatta in the country, is set to sail on its 16th year with participants from all over the Philippines and the world. From February 20-28, 2016, a fleet of over a dozen Hobie 16 Catamarans will sail up to 250 nautical miles through the waters and unspoiled beaches of some of the best islands in the archipelago: Mactan, Cabilao, Sumilon, Balicasag, and Siquijor.

The race serves as a platform for Hobie sailors to do what they love, while helping along the way by conducting outreach programs. Non-government organization Waves for Water Philippines is joining the race to help provide three islands with access to clean water. Partnering with the Hobie Challenge allows W4W the opportunity to bring its advocacy to those who need it the most: communities in remote islands who, until now, are dependent on other islands for sources of clean water.

In cooperation with Junior Chamber International Cebu and Ford Cebu, W4W is ready to distribute 30 clean water systems to these communities. This program will immediately benefit the well-being of the residents of these coastal areas, and not just for the short term. Each of these systems can provide up to a million gallons of clean water for up to five years.

W4W believes it is always possible to do what you love and help along the way. A little coordination with passionate individuals can impact lives tremendously.

Since it began in the U.S. in 2009, Waves for Water has been providing access to clean water in communities across 20 different countries. In the Philippines, W4W has directly helped over 800,000 Filipinos since typhoon Yolanda struck. To find out more about W4W or support its projects, check out @wavesforwater on Instagram, or contact

Feb 29 - 2016Leg 4&5 - Helping the Helpers

In which we see ripples of change ...

As this year’s 16th Philippine Hobie Challenge comes to a close, we look into the people that make the race amazing and fulfilling at the same time. Our whole mantra transcends to everyone that wants to help through their passions. The sailors of this challenge are no different.

Waves For Water’s philosophy is simple. We encourage people to look at humanitarianism as lifestyle driven. By following your heart, doing the things you love, and helping along the way, you end up organically fusing passion with purpose. It’s a major shift in the way we normally think about aid work—not only does it create a dynamic experience, it becomes a more socially conscious way of life.

Supported by our belief in developing and empowering local networks, we implement our programs specifically with the help of local volunteers and community leaders. Working through these networks enables us to truly connect with the communities, establishing a sense of trust and friendship so we can provide a high level of individual attention to each of our projects.

Sailing around the Philippines is always fun. As conscious sailors, outreach was always a big part of the Hobie Challenge. Our passions are a platform for us to do good. Connecting to the local champions of a location makes a big impact because what we provide is then plugged-in to their daily lives benefitting their health and overall well-being.

Follow us through @wavesforwater and our hashtags #wavesforwater #w4wPhilippines#w4wHobieChallenge

Feb 25 - 2016Leg 2&3 of the Hobie Challenge

Traveling from Cabilao Island to a private island resort

Leg 3 involves sailing rough waves from Sumilon to Balicasag Island (same place we went to with ECKART). Good news is that our last beneficiary on the island has been using the filter systems since our implementation. We have now added 10 more filters for 5 Puroks in the island.

Feb 24 - 2016​Leg 1 Hobie Challenge Cabilao Island

We start off the first leg bidding farewell to Mactan Island early in the morning. 50 nautical miles away across Cebu is Bohol's Cabilao Island. This is our first outreach out of three more islands for the race.

A quaint little island with numerous dive sites and grassroots Romblon weavers, the locals were directly hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake two years ago. Working in these parts of the region, access to clean water was a big problem.

As the sailors arrived by 5pm, we went straight to the school where 165 students warmly welcomed our group. Outreach comprised of first aid kits, world maps, school supplied and clean water systems.

Waves for Water focuses on the 'helping the helpers' model where we trained and demonstrated how the systems work with the island's local champions.

What astonished us was that this was the first time the school was chosen as a benificiary of anything. Working together with the Hobie Challenge, this transcends our mantra—'Do what you love and help along the way.' With a little coordination and going out of our way, we can make a difference.

Full moon is out and we are provided with a warm welcome by Cabilao's locals. Next leg is Sumilon Island where we take time off and enjoy what the Philippines has to offer.

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$2,055 of $3,000

Impact 3,000+