Afghan Campaign // The Wolfhounds

Project Overview

<p>I write today with the great excitement of introducing our recent project in Afghanistan with you. About six months ago a US Army Captain by the name of Michael Brabner reached out to us through our website. His battalion, called The Wolfhounds, is stationed in Northern Afghanistan in the Kunar Provence. He contacted us to see if we’d be interested in doing a project to help the Afghan communities in his unit’s AO (area of operation). He said that there were about 5 villages in his area and none of them had access to potable water. Apparently the Kunar River, which every village is built along, is their only source of water. And since everything (I mean EVERYTHING) is dumped into it, waterborne illnesses crippling these communities is almost indefinite.</p><p>Like many of the places around the world we work, these type of illnesses basically become a part of everyday life – for people in these places, there is just no way around it, no other choice… So they continue to get sick and even die from problems that are completely preventable. This is the very reason Waves for Water exists. Our single most important purpose is to bring the great solutions that already exist directly to the problem – stopping the widespread sickness and senseless deaths that follow.</p>

Statistics & Progress

Destination Kunar Province - Afghanistan

Funds Raised
$77,083 of $100,000

Impact 150,000+