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0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$800

I have been blessed and privileged to grow up with clean drinking water readily available at my convenience..but a lot of people haven't. Growing up i...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$250

We will be traveling to Puerto Rico this year and are hoping to be able to deliver water filters! ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$200

Two Brothers. One Mission. We believe that all kids should have access to clean drinking water. Please join our movement to make this a reality. #Be...

9% Funded
Funds Raised$175 Funding Goal$2,000

With the devastating 2017 hurricane season on the Caribbean Islands, there are still many in need. We are partnering with Waves for Water to provide ...

1% Funded
Funds Raised$10 Funding Goal$1,000

Provide clean to our dear friends ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000


1% Funded
Funds Raised$10 Funding Goal$1,000

This is Chris and Dave from Wave of the Day, a new Surf Travel Company specialising in Discount surf travel. Led by a team of conscientious surfers, ...

1% Funded
Funds Raised$40 Funding Goal$5,000

Many Puerto Ricans haven't had access to clean, potable water since Hurricane Maria devastated their island on September 20th. A percentage of the pop...

10% Funded
Funds Raised$522 Funding Goal$5,000

Is been about 3 months since the pass of Irma thru the Caribbean and there still a lot of families without potable water in Islands like Puerto Rico, ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000

Within our Year-End-Vacation "BIG one step beyond" group we made a most adventurous and playful excursion to the beautiful Cenotes of Tanka ( Cancun ...

70% Funded
Funds Raised$175 Funding Goal$250

Quero poder fazer a minha parte e poder fazer diferença, ajudando e levando água potável para os que não tem na cidade de Salvador. Quero poder me...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$100

I am part rotary club teresina piçarra and we have a project to bring potable water to a coastal region that has only salt water to drink. ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000,000

Many hurricanes, and other natural diasters have happened lately. Please help the people who are in need of clean water and money. ...

10% Funded
Funds Raised$200 Funding Goal$2,000

Water should be available to everyone. We all live in the same planet. We can´t keep it to ourselves. ...

2% Funded
Funds Raised$10 Funding Goal$500