Fundraisers are self initiated campaigns started by individuals, groups or organizations that reach within their networks to contribute towards Waves For Water Projects they feel passionate about. 100% of donations go directly to Waves For Water projects.

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Whether it’s through a Fundraiser, Donation or Sharing stories even the smallest actions can help.

Distribuir en mi familia los purificadores de agua, dado que en Piura está saliendo demasiado contaminada de los caños vienen con parásitos. ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$100

According to the United Nations Water Cooperation, 783 million people do not have access to clean water and 6 to 8 million people die annually from th...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$500

33.4 million Indonesians lack safe water and unsafe drinking water easily leads to diarrhea, which is the 2nd leading cause of death for Indonesian ch...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$5,000

We are so privileged in this country to have clean drinking water, so for every h20 underwater photo shoot, or surf shoot, or surf art we sell, we wil...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000

• This fundraiser is dedicated to getting MVP filtration systems into the hands of speciality coffee green buyers, already traveling to farms in reg...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$25 Funding Goal$50,000

Peru is flooded and needs our help. ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$10,000

Send fresh water to our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua. It is strongly needed. ...

50% Funded
Funds Raised$495 Funding Goal$1,000

Students at The Woodlands Preparatory School in Texas learned about the water crisis on World Water Day 2017 and were inspired to help. Join our stud...

20% Funded
Funds Raised$100 Funding Goal$500

Peru is where Tod's Natural Cocktail Mix sources our quality ingredients, and the country needs our help. This March Peru was hit with heavy rains and...

22% Funded
Funds Raised$217 Funding Goal$1,000

DONATIONS: $58 donated by good souls that stopped by my booth at the Artists & Fleas market, weekends of March 18-19 and March 25-26 $62 donated...

60% Funded
Funds Raised$120 Funding Goal$200

Waterborne illnesses are running rampant throughout the countries in famine. In Afghanistan, our very own U.S. Troops have taken notice of the strug...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$5,000

Access to clean water improves personal and civic well-being, increases overall health, reduces poverty and increases opportunities for education and ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$10,000

Mick and I feel passionate about helping people in need, especially children. With your donation, you are not only helping others obtain clean water, ...

89% Funded
Funds Raised$1,329 Funding Goal$1,500

Hi there! My name is Isabel. Have you ever thought about cleaner water? Some people just get brown dirty water. Donate to help Brazil to have access t...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000

Tacking Point Public School held a 'Surf to School Day' fundraiser to raise money for Waves for Water. ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$800
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