Fundraisers are self initiated campaigns started by individuals, groups or organizations that reach within their networks to contribute towards Waves For Water Projects they feel passionate about. 100% of donations go directly to Waves For Water projects.

Support a Fundraiser

Donate to an existing Fundraiser and help fund a Waves For Water Project.

Start a Fundraiser

Create a Fundraiser and mobilize your co-workers, friends or teammates to raise money towards a Waves For Water Project.

Impact Lives

Whether it’s through a Fundraiser, Donation or Sharing stories even the smallest actions can help.

This year I am embarking on a new adventure. I am endeavouring to help raise money for the waves for water foundation whose mission is to get clean wa...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$500

Van has requested that instead of presents for his birthday this year whomever is interested can donate any amount they like. ...

83% Funded
Funds Raised$500 Funding Goal$600

As part of our ongoing commitment to leaving a better planet, the students at Renaissance Montessori are raising money to purchase filters for those i...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$200

Cash is raising money by selling Caramel Popcorn on the weekends. The $ he raises will go to Waves For Water. ...

50% Funded
Funds Raised$100 Funding Goal$200

Hi Friends! This year instead of Christmas gifts, I would love if my friends/family could donate to Waves for Water, one of my favorite organizations...

2% Funded
Funds Raised$15 Funding Goal$1,000

My friend Alex Berho and I are taking a trip that has been in the works for the last three years and is finally going to work out. We are going to Ass...

10% Funded
Funds Raised$50 Funding Goal$500

Our simple goal is to send out 25 filters abroad by March 28 2016. Please join us!! ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,250

we're getting married and, in lieu of gifts, wanted to use the occasion to do some good. Its a small thing, but a few bucks can go a long way to bring...

30% Funded
Funds Raised$300 Funding Goal$1,000

Happy holidays!! :) Being asked regularly what we each want for Christmas has prompted us to open this fundraiser as an alternative to presents; we'd ...

33% Funded
Funds Raised$100 Funding Goal$300

On november 5, 2015 a huge wall of red sludge descended on the village of Bento Rodrigues when a tailing dam at an iron ore mine burst. The mudslide d...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$10,000

Lower elementary students at Heron Pond Montessori School are raising funds for Waves for Water, a wonderful organization that provides water filters ...

5% Funded
Funds Raised$25 Funding Goal$500

Oakwood School's Waves for Water club lead by Eden Naftali will work on a large variety of projects and put on a series of events to raise money for W...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$8,000

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diarrheal diseases account for 1 in 9 child deaths worldwide. Statistics published...

18% Funded
Funds Raised$180 Funding Goal$1,000

One of the basic needs of the human beings is clean drinking water. It is equally important as shelter, food and clothing are. Without clean drinking ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$85,000

A fluid movement practice aligned with the tides and the moon, this workshop offers an experience of flow in the body. Set to a variety of music, youâ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$200
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