Fundraisers are self initiated campaigns started by individuals, groups or organizations that reach within their networks to contribute towards Waves For Water Projects they feel passionate about. 100% of donations go directly to Waves For Water projects.

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September 20th, 2014 from 1-7pm The 1st Annual DEWEY BEACH SKIM-A-THON will be held on New Orleans Street ...

48% Funded
Funds Raised$475 Funding Goal$1,000

As a person who access to clean drinking water as well as for bathing and sanitary need it is my wish to help any and all who do not share this privil...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000

Providing the people near and in kandui with clean drinking water. ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$250

Raising funds and awareness for the welfare of the people of Angola! ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000

As part of our compromise to support projects and ideas that make a difference, we at CrustOceans will be donating a percentage of the benefits from o...

50% Funded
Funds Raised$50 Funding Goal$100

We are staying 2 weeks in Nicaragua and want to give back. ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$500

People living in impoverished areas die every day from drinking dirty water. While having access to clean water is a luxury that many of us take for g...

5% Funded
Funds Raised$100 Funding Goal$2,000

I have created any easy solution (just enter your billing info and donate) for all who have recently become concerned about wasting clean water, in re...

18% Funded
Funds Raised$445 Funding Goal$2,500

Raising funds to purchase water filters that will be distributed to poor villages in the Tola, Nicaragua region. Access to clean water is a major issu...

5% Funded
Funds Raised$25 Funding Goal$500

Let's raise money to help people in need of clean water. Too many children ages 0-5 die everyday. ...

5% Funded
Funds Raised$25 Funding Goal$500

Lucy is turning 10 and does not want gifts this year. She would like to help bring clean drinking water to others around the world. ...

53% Funded
Funds Raised$425 Funding Goal$800

For this months project we have selected Waves 4 Water as the charity to support. Through this we will be supporting my favourite global concern - the...

69% Funded
Funds Raised$2,065 Funding Goal$3,000

En El Salvador el abastecimiento de agua potable es muy bajo y los más afectados son los habitantes de las zonas rurales. Gran parte del agua esta co...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$200

My wife Crystal and I are happy, giving people. The goal of this project is to celebrate our love through the power of our friends, family and locals ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$5,000

October 22, 2012- October 31, 2012 (New Jersey) Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane seaso...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$5,000