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On September 6, Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane, demolished Antigua and Barbuda, with a damage estimation at 90% destruction of the dual island nation’s infrastructure. Many Caribbean islands found themselves in the path of Hurricane Irma and those that did not, still felt the impact of the of the powerful storm.

Those of us in Florida have felt the devastating impacts of Irma - but thankfully we have the help of our brave emergency service workers to get us back on our feet. Unfortunately, those in the Virgin Islands and French Caribbean do not have this luxury.

By donating to this fundraiser, you will be supporting an effort to bring water filtration systems, in bulk, to these islands that are desperately in need of clean water to prevent dehydration and water-borne diseases. Let's bring our community together to support a basic need for life.

You can view the full page with more information here: http://www.wavesforwater.org/project/hurricaneirmareliefinitiative

All Donations go directly to:

Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative

After launching our initial response to Hurricane Irma, we were cautiously standing by, watching Hurricane Maria’s rapid increase in power, elevating it from a Category 1 hurricane to a Category… More

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