Water Wise Coffee Project

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Fundraiser Overview

• This fundraiser is dedicated to getting MVP filtration systems into the hands of speciality coffee green buyers, already traveling to farms in regions where surrounding communities need access to clean water.

• These filters are then delivered by the green buyers directly to coffee farmers, who we train how to use the MVP to distribute fresh water to surrounding communities in need.

• Partnering with specality coffee companies who already make frequent origin trips, allows us to give back to the people that produce the coffee that we love.

• "Coffee isn’t mundane or commodity, it isn’t just coffee... It has a quality to bring joy to life through its aromas and flavors but also with its ability to bring people together... There is a world and a story behind every coffee from particular people, places, and cultures... We travel to build real relationships with our producers around the world with a commitment toward quality through direct relationships but also because of a commitment to connection and quality of life from the farms to your cup." Kevin Bohlin - Saint Frank Coffee

All Donations go directly to:

Waves For Water General Fund

Waves for Water General Fund. Money donated to this fund goes to provide clean water solutions worldwide through our various ongoing Waves for Water PROGRAMS.  More

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Funds Raised
$25 of $50,000