Park Dale Lane Elementary 2018

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Encinitas , CA - US

Fundraiser Overview

Park Dale Lane Elementary will be hosting its 4th Annual Surf To School day on October 5th. Kids will be learning about the need for access to clean drinking water in Indonesia. September 28th, we will kick off our event with a school wide assembly educating kids about the need for clean drinking water along with the importance of water conservation right here at home. Winter Vincent, who started S2S will be here (all the way from Australia) to discuss how this initiative has reached so many students worldwide.

From October 1st through 5th the kids are encouraged to bring their change before school to fill up the buckets. On October 5th, the kids are encouraged to dress in their favorite surf clothes!

Each $50 we raise will buy 1 water filter that will provide 1 million gallons of clean drinking water. This is enough water for 100 people to drink for at least 5 years. This one filter would provide enough water for all of our kindergarten kids to drink daily during their entire stay at Park Dale Lane!

All Donations go directly to:

Surf To School - Any kid, Anywhere in the world, CAN HOST ONE

Any kid, anywhere in the world, can host one. It's all about having fun and helping along the way. Just… More

Statistics & Progress

Destination Mentawai - Indonesia

Funds Raised
$1,001 of $1,000