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Australians have a special place in their heart for the Indonesian islands and their people.

......... UPDATE: Another 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit the north of Lombok again August 19, causing landslides and 1 loss of life. Access to the more remote areas of the north is difficult but there are many determined and dedicated people on the ground assisting the relief efforts. ........

This fundraiser has been set up in response to the earthquake that hit Lombok on August 5th, killing over 400 people and wrecking devastation to homes, infrastructure and basic services such as water and electricity supply.

Australian Clean Water Couriers are already in Lombok working with the initial disaster response, while others are travelling there with filters in their bags over the coming weeks. As the disaster response work comes into effect, we will see the medium and long term needs of the Lombok locals and need funds to direct our help.

Thankyou for supporting our Australian collective fundraiser.

Any questions please call Mel on 0419421381 (AUS)

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