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As you have heard or read about the earthquake in Haiti, Leogane was 90% destroyed by the earthquake on the 12th of January 2010. After 5 years, the sons and daughters of Leogane have taken their destiny in hand, after much help by the international communities NGO's. On January 12th, 2015 Haiti will commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the Earthquake and the Rotary Club of Leogane is organizing a 5 mile run in the memory of the missing one's. On that occasion The Rotary Club of Leogane will donate 1000 water filter System to the less fortunate people who are facing very hard difficulty times of not having access to potable water. Since they do not have access to potable water, most of the population are vulnerable to any waterborne deceases, like Cholera, Malaria, typhoid etc. Please Click Here For More Information,

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Wellness For Haiti

Although it has been close to three years since the devastating earthquake that brought Haiti to its knees, there is still much to be done. It is easy to externalize… More

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Destination Port Au Prince - Haiti

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