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Velserbroek , North-Holland - NL

Fundraiser Overview

Within our Year-End-Vacation "BIG one step beyond" group we made a most adventurous and playful excursion to the beautiful Cenotes of Tanka ( Cancun Area, Mexico). Water is the source of life. I donate to my fellow participants of this YEV excursion their share of pictures of that day, to be taken freely through the link they will receive (private share). This is my gift to the group - no obligation to donate - just enjoy!

Voluntarily they are invited to share a (small) gift to this Mexican Disaster Release responding to Tropical Storm Lidia, Los Cabos where we have had our previous life transforming events. Already $50 sufficient for a first filter has been donated! for which I thank you! Also people outside of this group but who have experienced the warmth and kindness of the Mexican people are invited to donate! Now my goal is only 5 filters ( $250) but this is not limited! Feel free to share!

All Donations go directly to:

Tropical Storm Lidia Response Initiative

On the evening of September 1, Tropical Storm Lidia swept over Mexico’s Lower Baja Peninsula, causing devastating destruction to the region. The storm brought over a year’s worth of rain… More

Statistics & Progress

Destination Los Cabos – Baja Calfornia Sur

Funds Raised
$175 of $250