Couriers are everyday people, travelers like you inspired by the Waves For Water Mission.
They do what they love and help along the way, distributing filters to those in need around the globe.

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Bring SAKLOLO -HELP To Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines

Leyte and San Roque, Northern Samar, Samar Islands - Philippines

Using my passion for travel and giving back to help my countrymen, the Haiyan Typhoon victims in my homeland…

100% Funded
Filter Goal0 Impact0

Sailing Into Remote Villages

San carlos, Mexico - Mexico

Sailing into remote villages along the sea of Cortez educating water sanitation.

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Clean Water For Bali Orphanage

Bali - Indonesia

Roxie and I have decided to take a 10 day journey to Bali in April. While taking part…

0% Funded
Filter Goal16 Impact1,600

Struntz Family Goes To Panama

Boca del Toro - Panama

“The Golden Rule” Do unto others…The Golden rule…How easy it is to lose track following thru on such a basic…

100% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Diane McLea // Laos Mission

Luang Prabang - Laos

Diane recently contacted Waves For Water with interest in being a Clean Water Courier and to bring water filters…

100% Funded
Filter Goal30 Impact3,000

Jalian Johnston // South Africa

South Africa

Jalian contacted Waves For Water through Hurley with his reputation as an “artist” surfer from the protected Southern California…

100% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Converse DC - A Helping Hand To…

Somewhere in the World

Converse believes in community involvement and knowing that as a team we can impact a community or a nation.…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Surf And Give Back - Sri Lanka…

Sri Lanka

Hi Team, Headed to Sri Lanka for a surf vacation at the end of June after Stephane's wedding in France.…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Philippines, Mindanao

Davao Oriental, Mindanao - Philippines

Hi There, I have recently started travelling to the Philippines and now own a house in the Davao Oriental…

0% Funded
Filter Goal1 Impact50



I've done Eco-tourism travel in the past and found it extremely rewarding. My goal is to raise money and…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Project Los Cardones!!

Finca Del Mar Beach Community, - Nicaragua

(As you read this please remember each filter is only $50) Hey Everyone my name is Charlie. I am 32…

0% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

Project Clean H2O

bocas del toro - panama

Ryland and Trevor are 10th year high school students who love to surf and who have both had the…

0% Funded
Filter Goal15 Impact1,500


Moskut Palau, Mentawai Island - Indoneisa

Because these islands are remote and don't have any type of water quality systems and I go there every…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Vanishing Cultures Foundation // Expedition Peru

Iquitos - Peru

Our 2012 VCF Expedition, including 16 people from all over North America, traveled to the Iquitos area of Peru…

100% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Gubat Water Crisis

Gubat, Sorsogon, Bicol Region - Philippines

This Project would like to provide a temporary solution to the people of Gubat in the province of Sorsogon. For…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000