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Clean Water Couriers

Clean Water Couriers (CWC's) are everyday people, travelers like you inspired by the Waves For Water Mission.
They do what they love and help along the way, distributing filters to those in need around the globe.

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Create your own Clean Water Courier Mission and get filters to distribute on your next adventure. Do what you love and help along the way!

Surf Vanuatu

Port Vila - Vanuatu

Following TCP we wanted to discover a way to partner with this nation on it's journey to recovery and…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Limpio Aqua

Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru

First, thank you for your kind interest in this organization and mission. I am trying to make the…

40% Funded
Filter Goal15 Impact1,500



My mission, is to provide clean water for numerous communities throughout the country. When we travel to Mexico we…

0% Funded
Filter Goal30 Impact3,000

Mizata Mission For Clean Water

Mizata, La Libertad - El Salvador

After several trips to the beautiful country of El Salvador, we've met some beautiful people who are in need…

100% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500

Re-learning The Use Of Our Basic Resources

Nilo Peçanha, BAHIA - BRAZIL

Go by car from São Paulo to Bahia, one of the most natural resources places on earth, that is…

0% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500



Magunje Village Repairing community Water Dam This village is three hours north of the capital Harare. Their dam is…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Clean Water In India

Kolkata , West Bengal - India

I´m an entrepreneur from the Basque Country and next November I´m traveling for 2 months into India (Pune, Mumbai,…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Guatemala - Fresh Water Campaign

El Progresso - Guatemala

Group effort to help a community/village, El Progresso, near the city La Union. There is a pressing need for…

0% Funded
Filter Goal50 Impact5,000

Water World

Thar, Balochistan - Pakistan

I would like to break the scarcity of the waters from the world, buy fund raising for filters and…

0% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

Clean Water For Peru

Cusco / Macchu Pichu - Peru

Chuck and I are leaving in the Fall for an adventure on the Inca Trail, we will be ending…

30% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

September '15 Nicaragua


We are traveling to the west coast of Nicaragua in September of 2015 and want to use this opportunity…

1% Funded
Filter Goal35 Impact3,500

Escuelas Rurales. Chaco. Argentina

Pinamar, Buenos Aires - Argentina

I am the CEO of the Foundation: Aprendiendo bajo la Cruz del Sur. We give to rural schools Internet…

100% Funded
Filter Goal8 Impact800

The Lincoln Boys Take Puerto

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca - Mexico

My brother and I will be traveling to Mainland Mexico this summer--Oaxaca. In order to get the most out…

100% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500

Clean Water For Aeta's At The Foot…

Brgy. Sapang Uwak, Porac, Pampanga - Philippines

Provide sustainable clean drinking water to the indigenous peoples (Aetas) living at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Save Lives Of Earthquakes Affected People In…

Earthquake affected 14 districts, Bagmati - Nepal

Dear all, I am a public health professional from Nepal and I came across with this water purification filter which…

0% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000