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Clean Water Couriers

Clean Water Couriers (CWC's) are everyday people, travelers like you inspired by the Waves For Water Mission.
They do what they love and help along the way, distributing filters to those in need around the globe.

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Create your own Clean Water Courier Mission and get filters to distribute on your next adventure. Do what you love and help along the way!

Clean Water For Indonesia

Bogor / Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

I am fortunate enough to be returning to West Java, Indonesia this summer to continue working on water quality…

10% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Southern Philippines Webisode Project

South - Philippines

A lot has been done in the Philippines with regard to the water problems, however there are still many…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Paradise For Paradise

Undecided, Sumatra - Indonesia

I'm here because I love to surf. I'm here because I love to help people. I am here because…

0% Funded
Filter Goal50 Impact5,000

Clean Water For CA And SA

Central and South America

I am graduating from the University of Florida in three weeks with a degree in Economics and a minor…

0% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000


Moskut Palau, Mentawai Island - Indoneisa

Because these islands are remote and don't have any type of water quality systems and I go there every…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Clean Water For Devastated Vanuatu

Vila, Efate - Vanuatu

A devastating cyclone hit the islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific about a month ago. With Vanuatu being…

29% Funded
Filter Goal20 Impact2,000



I've done Eco-tourism travel in the past and found it extremely rewarding. My goal is to raise money and…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra - Indonesia

Waves Not Plastic Founder and CEO is heading out to Indonesia to board the Budyadahri for a two week…

25% Funded
Filter Goal6 Impact600

Pure Water For Popoyo

Popoyo , West - Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere and nearly half of their people suffer from…

100% Funded
Filter Goal14 Impact1,400

Philippines, Mindanao

Davao Oriental, Mindanao - Philippines

Hi There, I have recently started travelling to the Philippines and now own a house in the Davao Oriental…

0% Funded
Filter Goal1 Impact50



Like most Southern California surfers, we have been frequenting Mexico for years. The waves are amazing, the people are…

13% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

Converse DC - A Helping Hand To…

Somewhere in the World

Converse believes in community involvement and knowing that as a team we can impact a community or a nation.…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Devastated Desert

Atacama region, Atacama - Chile

The north Area of Chile (CopiapĆ³-Paipote-ChaƱaral-el salado-diego de Almagro and others towns) had just been severely affected by a…

1% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

El Salvador Clean Water // Surf Trip

palmercito, California - El Salvador

Heading with a small group (OneWaveSurf & Surfcore Fitness) to El Salvador for a surf/ fitness trip and wanted…

21% Funded
Filter Goal50 Impact5,000

Surf Work Travel And Give Back.


We are working and surfing our way around the globe looking for new opportunities for ourselves but also want…

10% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500